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Organic Product Certificate


Organic product certificate is the document given for products that do not include any chemical content in their production processes, on the other hand, all production stages are open to control. Organic production and consumption are among the issues that people have given more importance to, especially in recent years.
The widespread awareness of unhealthy agricultural products has increased the need for organic products. Organic product production and consumption has now spread to many areas. The Organic Product Certificate also officially confirms the accuracy of these stages. Both the control and certification stages are extremely detailed and comprehensive.
In order to understand this document, the Organic Agriculture Law should be examined closely and reviews of universal standards should be conducted. If the required criteria are met, the evaluation and approval processes will be activated. Obtaining an organic product certificate is an important prestige and trust for many producers.

Organic Product Certificate Scope

This certification guarantees a production method adapted to the whole environment of the organization. Within the framework of the agreement, the farmers undertake that they will never resort to synthetic chemical spraying and hormonal methods in their fields or gardens. An Organic Product Certificate is provided separately for each product produced in accordance with these conditions. This certification is registered with impartial inspection bodies. Organic product certification provides very important advantages to producers.
Certificates for organic products start from the soil inspections in the land where the products are produced, and include many stages from processing to packaging, from harvest to storage. It is important that each phase meets the criteria separately. The certification network has three separate links in total. These can be listed as manufacturers, vendors and independent organizations that undertake certification. You can establish a professional cooperation with Aşan Danışmanlık, one of these organizations, on Organic Product Certificate. You can ask what you wonder about the Organic Product Certificate by contacting us.
We see that organic products are beginning to find a response all over the world. Because of their health, people are turning to organic foods more and more. These products were rarely encountered in the past; However, as of today, we can witness that organic products are sold in markets, shops and markets at any time. If you pay attention, it is possible to see the logo of inspection certificates or the logo of the Ministry of Agriculture on these foods.
The organic product certificate reflects the fact that the products are in harmony with nature and the environment. It is an important service for the consumer to know that all production stages are controlled and that inspections have been successfully completed. The fact that these inspections and criteria are very sensitive further increases the confidence of the consumer. It is very important that organic foods are produced harmlessly for users.

How to Obtain Organic Product Certificate?

Certification is carried out according to the methods and criteria revealed by organic agriculture standards. Accordingly, the compliance of the product with the procedures is evaluated and a certificate is obtained if deemed appropriate. In order for any organic product to be labeled, compliance with organic farming rules is sought. To achieve this, accredited independent and impartial organizations come into play.
Certification is awarded for a certain period of time during which observations continue. It is not endless and permanent, so new inspections are carried out periodically. Organic products may contain animal or vegetable substances. This certification means that no artificial fertilizers, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics, colorants, chemical coatings or similar additives are used in the products. While the damage caused by all these additives to the human body is obvious, the importance of consuming organic foods increases even more.
Organizations that want to obtain an Organic Product Certificate must meet all the criteria. For example, harmful components should not be used in any form in the fields or gardens. The use of fertilizers and artificial medicines is strictly prohibited. At the beginning of the certification process, the parties make commitments for certain items on these issues.
Why is Organic Product and Agriculture Important?
Growing products with an organic understanding is an orientation that includes responsibility in terms of public health. This is also necessary for the ecological balance of the world. The warming of the sea waters, the deterioration of the ecological balance, the change of climates, the melting of the glaciers have forced people to be more careful about the production and consumption of organic products.
Additives and drugs used in agricultural production processes affect human health very negatively. Organic product is mainly treated as a biological warfare.


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