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Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Consultancy Service Period and Scope

Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Consultancy Service Period and Scope
Law No. 6698, dated April 7, 2016, is the first official law that came into force on the protection of personal data in our country. Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, new legal responsibilities have emerged, especially for companies. Law No. 6698, which generally overlaps with the laws on the protection of personal data applied in the European Union, is not an exact copy, even if it resembles EU laws. Rather, it can be defined as the national data protection law developed on the protection of personal data by preserving the compatibility of EU laws and Turkish laws. Because the Law on Protection of Personal Data, Turkish Penal Code and T.C. It took its final form in line with the provisions of the Constitution. Companies are required to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law in many steps regarding the storage, processing and use of personal data. However, all companies that employ more than 50 people or have an Annual Financial Balance Sheet of 25 Million TL per year are required to create VERBIS records by 30 June 2020. Penal sanctions between 25,000 TL and 1,500,000 TL are applied within the scope of the relevant law, including VERBIS registration.

The specified criteria are only taken into account at the point of VERBIS registration requirement. Exception from VERBIS registration does not mean exemption from Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. At the point of implementation of the law, even if we have 1 employee, we are all responsible for the obligations. You need to prepare your inventory and prepare the necessary contract texts, including the creation of your Personal Data Protection Policy and the obligation to inform.
As Aşan Consulting, we provide Administrative, Legal and Technical Consultancy services regarding your KVKK Compliance Process, and we provide consultancy and training services in the context of establishing your company´s systemic order that will comply with the law. You can review the duration and content details of our Consultancy Service below, and contact us for your questions and appointment requests.

Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Process Consultancy

Service Period

KVKK Compliance Consultancy service period is 6 months following the contract date. Our in-office work, document preparation and design periods are within the scope of this contract and no time can be given. Information is provided by phone/fax/mail as much as desired. The work plan will be determined between the client and the consultant in line with the business plan to be issued after the first visit.

Service Scope

    Realization of the Project Kick-off Meeting

1.1. Preliminary briefing and holding the briefing meeting with the senior management where the work to be done within the scope of the work plan is given and the summary information of the subject is conveyed.

1.2. Establishing the project team that will plan, implement and follow up the works to be carried out simultaneously between the units and determining the distribution of tasks

1.3. Creation of the project calendar

    Providing the project team with detailed training and sharing the case studies, distributing the work plans of the units and determining the deadlines
    Determining the work to be done depending on the field of activity of the company and including it in the business plan

3.1. Current situation analysis and preliminary report preparation

3.2. Determining the source of all data stored within the scope of KVKK in the company and performing the analysis

3.3. Performing technical situation analysis and preparing a preliminary report with the IT Unit/Consultant

3.4. Determining deadlines for the completion of the work within the job descriptions by giving the project team preliminary inventory preparation training

    Carrying out documentation and compliance studies specific to the units with the project team who completed the preliminary preparations

4.1. Sharing the analyzes with the owner / official of the company and informing the recommendations of the products / services / trainings that need to be purchased (if any) for the harmonization process, organizing their organization if requested

4.2. Human Resources, Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Production etc. Providing the necessary trainings for reviewing the data collected in the company with all its units and arranging the regulations to be made within the scope of KVKK with sample documents (employee/personnel contracts, consent letters, supplier contracts, customer information, explicit consent texts, etc.).

4.3. Preparing the calendar of the trainings to be given to the employees, preparing the training documents and submitting them to the project team training officer

4.4. Follow-up of the work plan of the technical measures to be taken and the changes to be made with the IT Unit

    Giving information about the arrangements to be made in order to harmonize the company website and social media accounts with KVKK
    VERBIS registration process consultancy 6.1. Inventory preparation consultancy

6.2. Control and approval of prepared inventories

6.3. Data Contact Person ion, staff assignment of trainings

6.4. registration process

      Preparing Public Opinion Text and transmitting relevant information to be shared in necessary channels
      Project Closing Meeting

8.1. Project baseline and baseline comparison presentation

8.2. Sustainability of the project team Approval and systematization of the programming of the systems that they will add to their routine work plans regarding KVKK compliance

8.3. On the days of the week to be held in six-week periods