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Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law
Personal data protection law was created as the law of protection of personal data of all individuals. The law on protection of personal data generally provides a service in the field of collecting all information both in the private and public spheres and as a result of all the data storage. The main purpose of the protection law created is to protect personal data and as a result, prevent people from facing a situation that restricts their freedom.
A system has been created that enables corporate transactions and private institutions to have the best functioning and to protect their personal data in an unlimited way. The system started to become official by signing on the road to the European Union and published in the official newspaper on March 17, 2016.
The law on protection of personal data first came into the agenda after the constitutional amendment in 2010. In this regard, innovations were carried out within the scope of privacy. The most basic point of the situation that has emerged has been to enable us to become a democratic country on the road to the European Union. As a result, the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person are now protected. This law came into force through this process and became official and took its place in our lives for the purpose of personal protection.

What is the Purpose of the Personal Data Protection Law?
This law, which provides protection for all personal data, has a very important function. The aim here is; To protect personal data, to end all kinds of negative effects on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person, to protect the data of both real and legal persons, to ensure that their personal rights are not damaged in any way. Protection of personal data law covers real and legal persons. In other words, after the person has the license, all personal rights will be protected in line with this issue.
Personal data protection law is a service that aims at the best protection of all data revealed by individuals and does not allow any harm to personal rights. It provides a protection shield by ensuring that the data is protected in whole or in part either by automated means or by non-automated methods. If this situation is accepted as a principle and if such situations are not observed, the transactions are resolved through legal authorities.

How is Personal Data Defined?
Personal data contains basic information that must always be kept by identifiable people. The information presented here should make the person identifiable. The information to be protected includes only certain information or any information to cover the data. Some data can express special and sensitive situations on behalf of individuals. In such cases, the information that comes out of the person´s will may cause great harm to the person. The information mentioned here; Political, religious, free thinking of the individual, and the person´s choice of clothes can actually be listed as strictly tied rights to the person. For this reason, it is aimed to take all kinds of security precautions and protect personally given in this way by keeping all this information stored and no harm to personal rights.

Why is Personal Data Protection Law Important?
Law No. 6698 is known as a law aiming to protect the basic states and freedoms of all individuals. Thanks to this law, it is not appropriate to store personal data in any way, to share personal data, to use personal data without permission, and to protect those exposed to such situations by legal means. When it comes to the protection of personal data in general, only general valid information can come to mind of individuals. However, the law contained here has a wide scope. According to this; all personal information, such as personal information, personal property, documents of personal life such as personal picture-video-sound recording, e-mail address information used by him, nicknames addressed to the person he / she is in, and addresses that will damage the personality. It is evaluated under the protection law.

Personal data protection law ensures the protection and storage of information both by automated means and non-automated means. It covers the information stored in a computerized environment without the need for any human intervention. In addition, it is stored in non-automatic ways; individual access is easier than the other method and manual preparation of the data. The basic basis of the law created is to guarantee fundamental rights and freedoms. This law has the level to ensure that it has a free international structure and that people can have a say at this point.
Protection law is not based on individuals but also reveals its effectiveness on many business lines. Accordingly, it is expected that many different branches such as universities, public institutions, businesses, government institutions are included in this scope and in this direction, they will create a system that complies with privacy rules. It is known that those who do not act in accordance with the necessary rules and regulations will be fined over 5000 to 1.400.000 TL. Otherwise, it is stated in the law that individuals can face prison terms from 1 year to 4.5 years, if the necessary precautions are not taken, individuals will face much larger penalties. The personal data protection law is state-sponsored and has a law enforcement and compulsory law.