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Plant Protection Products Licensing and Consulting

What is a Plant Protection Product?


The increase in the knowledge gained by human beings through agriculture and plants has played an important role in bringing the issue of yield and quality products to the fore. With the developments in agriculture, mankind has seen that with the same number of seeds, they can get a much higher number and quality product. In addition, it has become a subject that different information is obtained day by day, which organism harms the plants and how to fight against these organisms or what methods to use. One of the products on this subject is Plant Protection Products. It is not enough to use only yield-enhancing products and methods to get enough and quality products from a seed. It is also necessary to protect the plant. This situation reveals the importance of plant protection products.

plant protection product; To destroy unwanted plant or plant parts that are presented to the user in different forms, that protect plants and plant products against harmful organisms or prevent the effects of these organisms, that affect plant growth other than those intended for plant nutrition, that are not covered by a special regulation on preservatives, but are used as a preservative for herbal products, are active substances and preparations presented to the user in a formulation containing one or more active substances in order to control or prevent undesirable plant growth. The regulation on this subject; It is defined in this way in the "Regulation on Licensing and Placing on the Market of Plant Protection Products" numbered 30235. This regulation was published in the Official Gazette on 9 November 2017.

Plant Protection Products Licensing


Plant protection products; It is in the field of interest of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Plant Protection Products Licensing process; It is the administrative procedure in which the ministry allows a plant protection product to be placed on the market throughout the country or in a part of the country after the application is made. Companies that will obtain licenses as specified in the relevant regulation;

• Submit the information and documents specified under the title of "Documents Required for Plant Protection Products Occupational Permit" in Annex-1 of the relevant regulation to the General Directorate in an annex to a petition,
• They must obtain the "Plant Protection Products Occupation Permit" included in Annex-2 of the relevant regulation.
The validity period of the "Plant Protection Products Occupational Permit" obtained by the companies is 3 years. In order to extend the validity period of this document, companies; They should apply to the General Directorate one month before the expiry of the validity period of the document with the documents requested in the first, fourth, fifth and eighth articles of Annex-1 of the relevant regulation and the original of the document issued before. If the information and documents are approved by the General Directorate, the validity period of the said document is renewed for 3 years from the date of expiry.
The company that received the Plant Protection Products Occupational Permit; In the event that the address, telephone and fax numbers and personnel specified in the fourth, fifth and eighth articles of Annex-1 of the relevant regulation change, these changes must be notified to the General Directorate within one month. What is meant by the term “General Directorate” here is “General Directorate of Food and Control”. In case of change of address and title, this document is renewed. If the relevant company does not apply for the extension of the validity period within one month from the expiry date of the Plant Protection Products Occupational Permit, this certificate will be canceled without the need for a warning. Applications for import licensing and extension of license period of the company whose Plant Protection Products Occupational Permit is canceled or which does not make/do not extend the period of this certificate will not be accepted and its ongoing works will be stopped. In accordance with the relevant regulation, placing on the market and using unlicensed plant protection products within the borders of our country is prohibited. However;
• Use of Plant Protection Products for research and development purposes,
• Producing, storing and transporting a plant protection product that has been authorized for use in another country, for export purposes, provided that it is not placed on the market in our country,
cases, a license is not required. In the absence of a technical instruction or a licensed plant protection product for a harmful organism that causes economic damage in any plant product, the General Directorate may temporarily grant a use permit for plant protection products for a maximum period of 120 days, provided that they are used in a limited and controlled manner during the production season.

Consultancy Service for Plant Protection Products Licensing  It can be obtained from a consultancy firm before applying to the ministry for licensing plant protection products. what comes from today, standard, directive, law, etc. legislation exists. It may be a little difficult for the company to have a good grasp of all this legislation, to follow them and to be updated. In addition, this requires a separate workload and time. It is possible to apply to a time company that provides a service in this area of ??increase in order to get information about licensing procedures. In addition, getting service from a company company, making purchases with pleasure from the inspections related to licensing.

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