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Preparing for Sedex and Brand Supplier Social Compliance Audits

It is the supervision of the working and occupational safety conditions in the Production Enterprises in accordance with the local country laws, relevant regulations and regulations, and ETI Standards.

Sedex Training

We support the elimination of nonconformities determined as a result of the preparation and audit of the ethical audits conducted for the suppliers of companies with international investments. We describe the basic criteria and reporting of Sedex, the system is set up in accordance with the SEDEX Standard and the incompatibilities determined in the reporting are eliminated.

What are SEDEX Code of Ethics?

Prevention of Forced Operation

-Sensification / Restriction of Collective Agreement Freedom

- Working Conditions comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Law

Prevention of Child Labor

-Prevention of Discrimination

-Working hours

- Payments

- Disciplinary Practices & Prevention of all kinds of discipline such as bribery, abuse, abuse, etc.