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Pressure Vessels CE Certificate

Pressure Vessels CE Certificate

Manufacturers who want to obtain the pressure vessels CE Certificate must meet the requirements of the European Union regulation numbered 2014/68/EU. This regulation, which was harmonized with the "Pressure Equipment Regulation" issued in 2018 in our country, covers containers with a maximum pressure higher than 0.5 bar; It includes equipment such as pipes, flanges, safety accessories, couplings, etc. A company that obtains the pressure vessels CE Certificate can offer its products to the domestic market and can put them in the European market. The regulation, which describes the health, safety and market conditions of the equipment in question, also explains the responsibilities of manufacturers, notified bodies and competent authority aiming to obtain CE Certificate for pressure vessels.

Pressure Vessels What is CE Certificate?

As with many product groups, there is a CE Certificate for pressure vessels and equipment. These products, which are presented to the market with the CE mark, show that the manufacturer considers certain health and safety requirements during the design and / or production stages. Pressure Equipment Regulation No. 2014/68/EU, including pressure vessels; It describes the requirements and certification procedures for many products operating under pressure. Companies that produce products that comply with this regulation can certify their products by obtaining a CE Certificate for pressure vessels. This regulation replaces the previously effective directive 97/23/EC.
Companies that want to obtain the pressure vessels CE Certificate and want their products to circulate freely in the domestic market and within the European Economic Area must perform the safety tests and evaluation studies specified in the regulation. Prepare a technical file as in other CE certification processes; must complete the certification steps directly or under the supervision of a notified body.

Pressure Vessels CE Certificate Scope

For pressure vessels CE Certificate, the pressure, volume, diameter of the relevant product and the properties of the fluid to be contained are decisive. Based on these parameters, the category of the product is determined and the conformity assessment modules in that category are followed during the certification process.
Pressure vessels are products where the volume value is important instead of the diameter size, as in the fittings. For this reason, when determining the category, a “bar x liter” value is obtained by multiplying the volume of the container and the maximum working pressure. The hazard category of the product is determined by using the tables given in the annex of the regulation. Based on the product to be certified and the scope of certification, action is taken according to the conformity assessment modules explained in these categories.
The categories and modules determined for the pressure vessels CE Certificate are:

• Category I:
o Module A
• Category II:
o Module A2
o Module D1
o Module E1
• Category III:
o Module B (design type) + D
o Module B (design type) + F
o Module B (production type) + E
o Module B (production type) + C2
o Module H
• Category IV:
o Module B (production type) + D
o Module B (production type) + F
o Module G
o Module H1
For many product groups, categories are determined based on the pressure x volume value, while for some products, mandatory categories are determined in the regulation. For example, portable fire extinguishers and breathing tubes are rated at least in Category 3.
In some of these modules (such as Modules A and A2), the manufacturer performs internal production control himself and declares that it meets the necessary technical and safety requirements for the product and carries out the CE marking himself. Other modules require a notified body. It is worth noting that notified bodies are involved in the process in most of the certification studies carried out within the framework of the regulation.

How to Get Pressure Vessels CE Certificate?

Pressure vessel manufacturers who want to obtain CE Certificate apply to a notified body, if necessary, after determining the scope of certification. Although it varies depending on parameters such as the product to be certified, conformity assessment module, etc., the documents requested from the manufacturer in a typical application are as follows:
• Basic information and documents of the company such as the company´s title, legal status, signature circular, copy of the Trade Registry Gazette, etc.
• Copy of trademark registration certificate
• Application form for conformity assessment process
• Application information form on the Pressure Equipment Regulation
• A receipt showing that the application fee has been paid.
• Quality system file; The quality manual, if any, the EC type / design examination document, inspection instructions and forms, etc. should be included.
•    Technical file; The design documents of the product, the category and module to be evaluated, the user, installation and maintenance manuals of the product; Information such as ISO 9001 and other quality management system certificates, if any, risk analysis, personnel involved in the production of the product, EC declaration of conformity, etc. should be included.

The notified body receiving the application must first submit the documents; After the documents are confirmed to be correct, it inspects the production sites on-site if it is within the scope of the certification. Pressure vessels CE Certificate is given to companies that successfully pass the field inspections.
Pressure Vessels CE Certificate Benefits
Pressure vessels CE Certificate, like other CE certificates, allows manufacturers to easily present their products to the European market. In addition, it provides ease of meeting the legal obligations determined by the relevant ministries for the domestic market. Pressure vessels CE Certificate ensures the protection of consumer health and safety and also protects companies from sanctions that may arise in this regard. Firms holding certificates can also increase their competitiveness in the market. These companies are also granted privileges in many public and private sector tenders.

Pressure Vessels CE Certificate Consulting

Companies that want to obtain pressure vessels CE Certificate should definitely get support from a consultancy firm during the certification process, which can be quite long and complex. Thanks to its knowledge and experience, Aşan Danışmanlık makes the CE Certificate process of companies much easier and faster. Aşan Danışmanlık provides guidance at every step of the certification process to organizations aiming to obtain a CE Certificate for pressure vessels. For more detailed information, you can reach Aşan Danışmanlık through different communication channels and start your certification process quickly.