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Product Tracking System (ÜTS)

Product Tracking System (ÜTS)
UTS, T. C Turkey Ministry of Health Medicines and Medical Devices Agency is a system developed by. With this system, follow-up of all medical devices produced in our country or from abroad and cosmetic products are made in Turkey. The Product Tracking System, which enables the tracking of the whole process of a product from the production line to the end user, provides many advantages for the health system in our country.
Apart from registering medical devices and cosmetic products, the Product Tracking System also provides an infrastructure for tracking products. It helps to protect the safety of patients who are already using these devices and products, or who will use them in the future, and public health as a whole. Ensuring that the inspections made to manufacturers and importers are faster, more effective, healthy and comprehensive, ÜTS also makes it easy to take measures against any dangers that may arise from products. The Product Tracking System also provides the necessary ground to collect any product or device suspected of reliability from the market when necessary.

Advantages of Product Tracking System
UTS, which is a very important milestone for the Turkish health system, brings various advantages not only in terms of health but also in the medical device and cosmetic product market. In this context, it can be said that the Product Tracking System has economic benefits. We can list some of the benefits that UTS directly or indirectly provides:
• Ensuring access to registered and security-free products.
• Preventing undeclared economic activities by systematically keeping records of medical devices and cosmetics.
• Audits are carried out in the light of accurate, healthy and current data.
• Prevention of all kind of waste of resources; Minimization, even if not completely eliminated.
• Coordination with other public and private sector organizations related to registered products, developing cooperation and sharing data.
• To determine where, why and by whom a product is used; The ability to follow the process instantly and in detail makes the controls more effective and faster. This is one of the main advantages of the Product Tracking System.

Scope of the Product Tracking System
There are eight different modules in UTS. These modules are also divided into different sub-modules. We can list the main modules and functions of the Product Tracking System, which has twenty-five modules in total, as follows:
1. Tracking and Monitoring: It is the module where the movements of the products are tracked and studies are carried out to collect products from the market when necessary.
2. Product Management: This module provides access to main and by-product information, stock information and production planning information of the products. It has two sub-modules: product tree management and product management.
3. User, Institution and Authority Management: It consists of three different sub-modules: user, institution and authority management.
4. Clinical Engineering: It is one of the most comprehensive modules of the Product Tracking System. It is the module where the activities such as maintenance, repair and calibration works, certification of technical personnel, technical service activities etc. are followed.
5. Business intelligence: Two different reporting modules, predefined and map supported, are included in the business intelligence module.
6. Market Surveillance & Inspection & Warning: It is the module that contains information, tools and services related to the audit activities carried out or planned to be carried out.
7. Supporting functions: Supporting functions, which are another comprehensive module of the Product Tracking System, include document and certificate, reference fields and log management, as well as announcement and scheduled tasks module.
8. Citizen-oriented services: As the name suggests, it is a module that UTS offers various services to citizens. Thanks to this module, studies such as product inquiry, product inquiry registered on two and creating complaint notification can be done.

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