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Products covered by the Gas Appliances Directive


* Gas ??burning central heating boilers

* Devices burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

* Gas ??water heaters used in homes

* Fan blown gas burners

* Gas-fired stoves

* Gas ??powered air heaters

* Self-contained, gas-operated heaters

* Gas-powered industrial kitchen appliances

* Hanging type radiant heaters that work with gas and not used in homes

* Rubber and plastic hoses and accessories

* Safety and control devices controlling gas burners and gas burning appliances

* Appliances

* Gas ??valve

* Igniter

* Elastomer materials

Scope of the Directive:

a. This Regulation applies to appliances burning gas for processes such as cooking, heating, hot water production, cooling, lighting or washing, whose normal water temperature does not exceed 105 ° C. Devices burning gas (gaseous fuel) are hereafter referred to as "devices". Burners and heating units with this type of burner are considered as "devices". Marketed separately for commercial use and used or installed in gas-fired appliances; Safety, control or adjustment devices and semi-products other than burners or burner heating units are hereinafter referred to as "fittings".

b. Devices specially designed for use in industrial processes in industrial areas are beyond the scope defined in paragraph 1.

c. For the purpose of this regulation, "gaseous fuel" is any gaseous fuel under pressure of 1 bar at 15 ° C.

D. For the purpose of this regulation, “normal use” of a device: means that the device is installed and serviced properly according to the manufacturer´s instructions, used with the normal change in gas quality and normal deviation in the pressure source and used for its intended purpose.

Legal Status:

As of 29 June 1990, 90/396 / EEC Gas Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels Directive has been mandatory in the Member States. March 19, 2003 also in Turkey Gas Appliances Directive (90/396 / EC) was published and became mandatory on January 1, 2004
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