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Q-Mark Certificate

 Q-Mark Certificate

Today, project companies, architects or contractors primarily demand products whose properties are tested or universally certified. These standards constitute a reference in terms of the quality of the product or service. Manufacturers often claim that their products carry these qualities; However, at this point, beyond the words spoken, written documents are considered true references.
Therefore, whether the products or services in question really meet the relevant criteria is determined only by independent auditors. Many tests and inspections can come into play here. Accredited and approved independent organizations are considered to be completely objective.
You can also apply to Aşan Danışmanlık at the point of obtaining Q-Mark Certificate or Q-Mark Certificate. Aşan Consulting offers professional consultancy services to many national or international standards. In order to get the necessary support from the expert staff of Aşan Danışmanlık, you can contact at any time and request support specific to the Q-Mark Certificate.
What is Q-Mark Certificate?
Q-Mark is a certification we heard a lot more recently. As with other documents, the Q-Mark Certificate offers very concrete benefits in increasing market share, surviving in the competitive environment or giving confidence to the target audience. Before looking at the ways to get the Q-Mark Certificate, let´s look at what the concept of Q-Mark is.
Q-Mark offers an international model of service and assembly quality. Manufacturer firm standards are determined according to both sectoral and national or international conditions. The Q-Mark Certificate is a document created based on these standards.
When marketing costs or activities are measured, it will become clear in numerical terms that companies that can offer certified products or services can gain very serious advantages. It is possible to reinforce these advantages with the Q-Mark Certificate. Consumers show more interest in highly certified products than non-certified products. More importantly, such products are thought to be around 86% more reliable than certified ones.
84% of consumers think that certified products are more qualified than non-certified products. The rates of recommendation for certified products are also extremely high.

The Importance of Certification

75% of consumers feel ready to pay a high price for quality assurance. Therefore, you can take advantage of all these privileges with the worldwide accepted Q-Mark Certificate.
Many companies need a Q-Mark Certificate to meet their products and services with their target audience more easily and reliably, and they make the necessary official application for this. However, applications made without consultancy support are unlikely to be successful and cause time and financial losses.
Presenting products in a more different and more effective way, instilling confidence in large masses is directly related to compliance with reliable standards. It can be easily stated that people are now much more careful and ive in these matters than before.
The most important feature of the Q-Mark Certificate is that it takes its strength from its neutrality. Having succeeded in establishing a real trust in this matter, Q-Mark confirms that the product or service is of high quality, compatible and reliable.
Another feature of the Q-Mark Certificate is that it makes the audits permanent. Thanks to the inspections carried out in certain periods, the stability achieved by the enterprises is closely observed. Because verifying the continuity of such systems plays a very critical role.
Continuity is ensured with inspections
The Q-Mark indicates that the quality of the products, especially within the scope of building materials, matches the criteria set by Standard BM Trada. All products with the mentioned mark are considered as products that have achieved a certain standard. At the same time, it is thought that businesses with a Q-Mark Certificate can always achieve the same level of product or service quality. Strict controls are the most important guarantee of this continuity.
Q-Mark has emerged in order to develop the units of companies such as dealers, branches, stations or stores and to bring them together on a common ground in terms of quality. The interest in the Q-Mark Certificate is the most important proof of how serious they have achieved worldwide.
In many countries of the world, companies and organizations that perform product or system installations can apply for the Q-Mark Certificate. The Q-Mark program has several levels within itself, such as Q-Mark Plus. It will be sufficient to contact Aşan Danışmanlık in order to cooperate on the way to obtain the Q-Mark Certificate.