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The QUALICOAT-QUALANOD certificate, which is used in architectural applications, is an international standard for determining the quality of powder and wet paints applied on aluminum surfaces.

Qualicoat has global compliance as a quality label prepared to protect the quality of aluminum. Companies that comply with the high quality criteria determined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) show that the products have the required quality level by obtaining this certificate. Qualicoat-Qualanod, a Switzerland-based quality organization, is among the leading brands in the world. You can apply to the consultancy services of our company in order to have the qualıcoat-qualanod certificate needed for all kinds of paint and varnish materials used for aluminum surfaces.

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QUALICOAT and QUALANOD are one of the most respected organizations that offer quality labels for aluminum on a global scale, with the standards they have developed. Manufacturers can obtain QUALICOAT Certificate and/or QUALANOD Certificate by harmonizing their products and production facilities with these standards. Before moving on to detailed information about these institutions and standards, it is useful to briefly mention the surface finishing processes on aluminum.

Aluminum Surface Treatments


This document, which is preferred worldwide to prove the quality of the products, covers the coating and paint materials used in the architectural sector. Qualıcoat-qualanod stands out as a standard that complies with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) criteria. The coating materials used on aluminum surfaces show high resistance to environmental effects.
As an association founded in 1986 based in Switzerland, Qualıcoat-qualanod is a high-level quality label. The quality conditions required for the paint and aluminum industry are determined in this standard criterion.

Qualicoat association members prove that the products used in the coating and paint industry are of sufficient quality. This institution, which is authorized to give high quality approvals worldwide, issues the documents for paint, coating and varnish materials. Thus, the facilities manage to stand out in the competitive environment with this document.

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If you want your products to have this quality label, which is accepted worldwide and whose reputation is spreading rapidly, you can contact us on our website. You can visit our web page for any information you are curious about the certification process.


It is necessary to have a qualıcoat-qualanod certificate to show that all kinds of paint and coating products applied on aluminum surfaces comply with hygiene and quality conditions. You can get a qualıcoat-qualanod certificate to show that the products have a quality at international standards during production, preparation and use. This quality label, which has been established since 1986, is a great reference for our valued customers who want to be in an effective position in the competition. The products used for processes such as paint and coating on aluminum surfaces prove that they comply with international hygiene and quality criteria with the qualıcoat-qualanod certificate.

If you want to be in a competitive position as licensed facilities and ensure customer satisfaction, you can obtain a qualıcoat-qualanod certificate by using the consultancy services of our company.

Aluminum Surface Treatments

The natural finish and surface quality of aluminum can be used in many applications, often without any finishing. There are cases where different aluminum coatings are required for different reasons such as aesthetic improvement, different colour, better resistance to abrasion, improved reflectivity, better surface structure and improved electrical insulation. Some of these are those:

* Anodized finish

Anodizing is a very common coating on aluminum profiles. This coating is usually made for the following purposes:

o Maintaining the new look of the product

o To increase the ability of aluminum to resist corrosion

o Adding an aesthetic appearance

o Creating functional custom surfaces

o To provide electrical insulation

o Creating softer surfaces

There are different thickness layers of anodizing applied to aluminum to achieve different benefits. The thicker the anodic layer, the better the corrosion resistance.

o Surface polishing

The purpose of the QUALICOAT standard is to specify the minimum requirements that plant installations, organic coating materials, chemical conversion materials, processes and finished products must meet. The standard provides a basis for the issuance and renewal of the quality label. All requirements in the standard must be met before the quality label is issued. The specifications described for plant installations are the minimum requirements for producing good quality. Other methods can only be used if they have been previously approved by QUALICOAT. The QUALICOAT standard is designed to provide high quality coated products for use in architectural applications no matter what type of coating process is used.

QUALANOD is a quality labeling organization committed to maintaining and improving the quality of anodized aluminum materials. To determine whether the anodized coating meets the customer´s requirements, results must be measurable against technical specifications. QUALANOD defines comprehensive quality requirements on behalf of customers with anodized products and monitors the compliance of licensed factories worldwide. This way, buyers of anodized aluminum can get premium products with good quality that offer long-term value. QUALANOD has so far contributed greatly to ensuring the quality of aluminum parts used in many end markets. QUALANOD has approximately 210 licenses distributed in 39 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.


The QUALANOD standard contains requirements that must be strictly followed by licensees and prospective licensees, and some recommendations for licensees. They also provide relevant information for general licensees, test institutes, inspectors and licensees of activities carried out by QUALANOD. General licensees are allowed by QUALANOD to license their anodizing plants to use the QUALANOD quality label. General licensees also regulate testing institutes. The standard complies with ISO 7599, a designation method for decorative and protective anodizing, including architectural anodizing, unless otherwise specified, and also contains the requirements of ISO 10074, a specification for hard anodizing.

The standard consists of many clauses and several appendices. The clauses cover the general requirements applicable to any licensee and include requirements for licensing, inspections, use of the quality label, and product performance testing. Guidance and advice on products and processes are also included in the standard.

The appendix in the standard details the requirements for the following subjects.

*Architectural anodized

*Industrial anodized

*Decorative anodized

*Hard anodized

The QUALANOD standard does not apply to the following products:

*Anodizing process in the production of lithographic plates

*Anodizing as a pre-treatment before powder coating, paint, inorganic coating or adhesive application

*Anodizing application used in the production of combined coating

What are the Advantages of the QUALICOAT Certificate?

Having a Qualıcoat-qualanod certificate provides great advantages for companies and facilities. The qualıcoat-qualanod document, which is used as an international quality label for paint and coating materials used for aluminum surfaces, provides the following advantages for facilities;

• Facilities that perform licensed production and aluminum surface treatments gain an edge over their competitors with this certificate.
• With this document showing that it has a high quality label, the facilities meet the hygiene and quality criteria of the customers. Thus, the targeted customer satisfaction is achieved and it provides comprehensive advantages for the facilities in the long term.

Thanks to the great attention we pay to the certification process, we provide you with high quality responsibility. The qualıcoat-qualanod document, which provides internationally recognized quality standards for manufacturing facilities, proves that it has the required quality standardization with the necessary conformity documents.

How to get QUALICOAT-QUALANOD Certificate of Conformity?

Applications for the qualıcoat-qualanod document, which shows that the powder and wet paints used for aluminum surfaces comply with the required international standards, are subject to some tests and inspections.
As a result of the tests carried out, this certificate is approved for products that are accepted to comply with international validity criteria. You can visit our website and contact us for the application process and pricing information for the QUALICOAT-QUALANOD certificate.

If you want to get information by writing to the expert representatives of our Aşan Danışmanlık business, you can write to us from our INSTAGRAM account.