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REACH Certificate
REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a European Union (EU) regulation and is a legislation that specifies subjects related to chemicals registration, evaluation, permit and restriction. Every business that will export to EU countries should carry out their works in accordance with the principles stated in this regulation and must have REACH Certificate. This regulation, enacted on 1 June 2007, adopted by the European Parliament on 18 December 2006, covers businesses that produce more than a ton of chemicals per year and export to the EU.
The primary objective of the REACH Certificate is to protect human, animal and environmental health and to prevent hazards due to chemicals. REACH regulation, which provides a legal basis in this regard, also creates awareness and enables chemical manufacturers to improve their work. It also allows the competition among companies in the same sector to increase and strengthen quality and safety issues. The REACH Certificate is a step forward for companies to invest more in research and development, thereby improving the sector and the national economy, starting at the firm level.

REACH Regulation in Turkey
Within the scope of the harmonization process with EU legislation in our country, a regulation has been issued on the REACH regulation. The “Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” was published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 23 June 2017. The regulation regulates the procedures and principles regarding the mentioned procedures related to chemicals.

Products Covered by REACH Certificate
Not every substance in the dangerous and risky product group is covered by REACH. For example, REACH Certificate is not issued for radioactive substances and substances covered by customs and waste control. Some of the articles covered by the Regulation are:
• Plastics
• Fats
• Cosmetics
• Textile products, leathers and shoes
• Electrical and electronic products
Fuel and gases
• Toys
• Materials used in furniture and furniture manufacturing
• Stationery
• Cosmetics
• Textile products, leathers and shoes
• Electrical and electronic products
• Some semi-finished products (casting, pipe etc.)
• Paints
•    Cleaning products
Companies that produce more than a ton of chemicals from this list and export to EU countries annually have an obligation to register their products with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

How to Get REACH Certificate?
Enterprises that are not covered by the REACH regulation and do not want to experience any legal problems in the export of chemicals to EU countries are obliged to obtain a REACH Certificate. This document shows whether there is any substance in the chemical in question in the list of substances of high importance (SVHC) published by ECHA and to what extent, if any. For this, it is supported with detailed information about the product and test results, if any. If a chemical containing 0.1% SVHC is exported, it must be reported to ECHA.
Companies wishing to obtain a REACH Certificate are strongly recommended to receive training and consultancy services on the subject before the certification process. Since REACH procedures are very comprehensive, it is useful to get support from people and institutions that are experts in this field. The certification process must be completed quickly, accurately and reliably, and the relevant chemicals must be put on sale as soon as there is no sale without a REACH Certificate.
A serious preparation process is required before applying for a REACH Certificate. We can list the steps to be taken in this process as follows:
• Creating a project plan
• Making a current situation analysis related to other processes of the business, especially production.
• Identification of products covered by REACH
• Risk and cost analysis
• Preparing inventory related to substances
• Pre-registration of the items to be REACH certified
It is also beneficial to get support from the consultancy firm during all these steps and during the registration and test procedures.

Information and Documents Required for Pre-Registration in REACH Certificate Acquisition
Since this document is not only a document with technical information and is a legal and legal aspect, some information must be declared outside the chemical products during the necessary registration procedures and pre-registration. In this context, we can list some of the information and documents requested in the pre-registration process as follows:
• Information about the company that wants to get REACH Certificate as chemical producer (such as contact, address etc.)
• Information on how much chemicals to export the certificate will be produced and sold in the next three years

Technical information about the chemical (IUPAC name, CAS and EC numbers etc.)

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Meta article: In this article, information about REACH Certificate is given; There are explanations about training, consultancy and certification issues.