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Restaurant Quality Certificate

Restaurant Quality Certificate
  In food and beverage areas, it is extremely important to meet the expectations of customers, even at an optimum level. Criteria such as service quality, presentation, communication and hygiene have an important place in responding to expectations. Especially the hygiene detail can be more sensitive according to certain conditions. For example, today, with the impact of the pandemic, hygiene is considered as a more important criterion for quality certification processes than ever before.
Restaurant Quality Certificate; It consists of main topics such as production planning, production stages and service. These criteria concern everyone from the purchaser to the business owner. All efforts to maintain a certain level of quality essentially refer to quality management. Here, quality is not only focused on product and service, it is used for the business as a whole. Both management quality and operational efficiency are addressed.
  With the Restaurant Quality Certificate, high quality and efficiency with low costs are targeted. This situation also paves the way for an increase in customers. With the increase in production and service quality in restaurants, it is aimed to eliminate defective or defective products. In this sense, the Restaurant Quality Certificate is an important certification not only for business owners but also for business owners. Since it is based on quality management, restaurants and similar businesses are directly evaluated according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.
In restaurants that continue to actively implement the ISO 9001 standard, it is observed that employee and employer relations are at a very good level. At the same time, thanks to the Restaurant Quality Certificate, the information flow takes place in a more controlled and accurate manner. Restaurant Quality Certificate must be obtained in order to gain quality and cost advantage. This is now considered as a reason for preference for consumers. When the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard is taken as reference, the customer potential increases and the corporate value of the enterprises increases.
Today, consumers are more conscious of quality standards than in the past. This situation brings an additional responsibility to business owners. Businesses that cannot adapt to this rapid change and fall behind their quality standards remain in the background. ISO 9001 can guide businesses in many ways in this process. ISO 9001, which is a fairly old quality standard, has an international character.
   ISO 9001 ensures an effective quality management system. In case the necessary conditions are fulfilled and the qualification is achieved, the relevant organizations are entitled to receive the Restaurant Quality Certificate, or in other words, the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. The ISO 9001 standard is reviewed and revised in an average of 5-6 years. It is therefore important that you review the most current state of the legislation. In order to survive, businesses should not remain indifferent to developments in both technology and communication.
   ISO 9001 Quality Management System; It covers the period from the design phase to the delivery of the service. The standard was first published in the world in 1987 and has been updated and reached today. The series in question consists of three separate standards. Today, all organizations can easily implement the ISO 9001 standard regardless of its size.

Benefits of ISO 9001
ISO 9001 or Restaurant Quality Certificate provides serious contributions to businesses, business owners, employees and customers. It is possible to explain the returns and tangible benefits of the quality standard as follows:
• First of all, there is a serious increase in the quality awareness of the employees.
• The corporate image of the enterprises gets stronger and their prestige increases.
• Businesses make a difference compared to their competitors in their marketing activities.
• Customer loyalty is preserved. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is provided.
• Organizations create measures against many risks that may occur.
• Serious decreases occur in error rates.
• Production and input controls are carried out regularly and reliably.
• It becomes easier to and follow up suppliers.
• History-oriented records are kept, accurate analyzes are performed in the light of data.
• Participation of the employees in the activities takes place. This situation increases both motivation and willingness to work.

How to Obtain a Restaurant Quality Certificate?
There are two options for organizations to obtain a Restaurant Quality Certificate. First of all, it has to fulfill the standards completely, and then it should prove it concretely and convince at the official level. Organizations can form a team in their own departments if they want, or they can get professional support from certification consultants.
The presence of a professional organization gives confidence in many aspects of possible problems, so this option is generally considered more attractive.This whole process; It is possible to express it as evaluating whether it is in compliance with the standards, arranging the sections deemed unsuitable, applying the necessary procedures, conducting inspections and finally obtaining the document officially.