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Rohs Certıfıcate

Rohs Certificate
In order to protect the environment and human health, this document; Procedures and principles for limiting the use of some harmful substances in electrical and electronic goods, determining the applications to be exempted from these restrictions, regulating administrative, legal and technical principles for controlling the import of electrical and electronic goods, and disposing of electrical and electronic goods wastes in an environmentally compatible manner. comprising. In order to obtain the Rohs certificate, the conditions listed below must be met.
Kurum Institutions or organizations wishing to obtain this document must demonstrate their value to human health.
Olan Organizations that request documents must be environmentally conscious.
Isteyen Institutions wishing to obtain the Rohs certificate must prove that their production is environmentally friendly.
Üretim Production facilities of institutions that want to have a certificate should allow for recycling.
The producers´ obligations are listed below.
Mak To comply with the relevant criteria of the article specified in the regulation in the electrical and electronic goods they put on the market.
Bilgi To keep the information and documents showing that the products they put on the market meet the technical criteria specified in this Regulation for five years after the product is placed on the market.
Vermek To fill in the relevant declaration form up to the date specified in the regulation and submit it to the Ministry every year.
Uy To comply with the 8th item for the electrical and electronic goods to be imported.
? "Complies with EEE Regulation." include the phrase

Electric and Electronic Goods Categories
o Large cooling devices
he Refrigerators
he Freezers
o Other large devices used for cooling, preservation and storage of food
Washing machines
Laundry dryers
Cooking appliances
o Electric stoves
o Electric sheets
Microwave ovens
o Food cooking and other preparatory equipment
Electric heaters
Electric radiators
o Other large appliances used for heating rooms, beds and sofa sets
o Electric fans / extractors
Air conditioning devices
o Vacuum cleaners
o Carpet washing machines
o Other cleaning machines
Knitting, weaving, sewing machines
Ironing machines
o Frying machines
o Grinders, coffee machines, packaging devices
o Electric knives
o Haircut, hair dryer, brushing teeth, shaving, massage and other body care tools
o Wall and wrist watches and other devices for time measurement and display or recording
he weighed
o Other small household appliances within the scope of electrical and electronic equipment
IT and telecommunications equipment
o Consumer equipment
Radio receivers
Television receivers
Video cameras
Video recorders
Hi-fi recorders
Sound amplifiers
o Musical instruments
o Signals and other technologies for the distribution of image and sound, other than telecommunications, and other products and equipment used for image and sound recording or their reproduction.
o Other consumer equipment within the scope of electrical and electronic equipment
o Lighting equipment
Fluorescent bulbs, except domestic use
Low pressure sodium lamps
o Except for incandescent bulbs, other equipment used for light transmission or light control
o Other lighting equipment within the scope of electrical and electronic equipment definition
he Drills
he Saws
Sewing machines
o Turning, milling, sanding, sanding, cutting, shredding, drilling, drilling, forging, folding, bending and other processing tools used in the processing of wood, metal or other materials
o Riveting, nailing, screwing; tools for riveting, nail and screw removal and similar operations
Welding, soldering machines and similar machines
o Equipment used for spraying, dispensing, applying or other forms of liquid or gaseous substances
o Tools used for mowing and other gardening
o Other electrical and electronic equipment within the scope of electrical and electronic equipment
o Toys, entertainment and sports equipment
o Electric train and race car teams
Handheld video game consoles
Video games
o Cycling, running, rowing, etc. computers used for sports
o Electric or electronic sports equipment
Coin operated machines
o Other toys, entertainment and sports equipment within the scope of electrical and electronic equipment
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