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SA 8000 Consulting Service

SA 8000 is a social compliance and supply chain auditing standard developed by Social Accountability International (SAI). Especially when big brands want to work with companies with high social and environmental performance in their supplier ion, they pay attention to the social compliance standards they are accredited. SA 8000 also guides businesses at all levels in sustainable supply chain management, as it is one of the world´s most important and respected social audit methodologies and is carried out within the framework of a certification program. Businesses that want to obtain the SA 8000 Certificate and thus become one of the accredited supplier companies can contact Aşan Danışmanlık to get more detailed information on the subject.

SA 8000 consultancy service helps supplier candidate companies to close their shortcomings in social compliance. In addition, it provides to be more conscious about the scope of the standard, the compliance process, and the accreditation steps. Aşan Danışmanlık provides support to companies in all steps such as training, documentation, preparation for audits, corrective & preventive action plans, etc., within the framework of SA 8000 consultancy service. It ensures the professional execution of the process from the beginning to the end and the continuity of the certification.

SA 8000 Standard Scope

SA 8000 briefly explains the international social compliance requirements that must be complied with in a business. It consists of articles such as non-use of child labor, not employing forced labor, fair wages, occupational health and safety, discrimination, right to collective bargaining, and management system policy. Supplier companies that want to obtain SA 8000 Certificate must make all their activities in accordance with these principles and verify this. SA 8000, which observes the International Labor Organization (ILO), Universal Declaration of Human Rights, local labor laws of countries and other international standards in each of its principles, is one of the most prestigious social compliance standards in the world in this context.

SA 8000 is a standard prepared to improve working conditions in workplaces and make it sustainable. The standard that prioritizes the protection of employees´ rights is to increase employee well-being and motivation. At the same time, it strengthens the stakeholder relations of employers and directs the attention of responsible investors and customers to the brand.

To learn the articles of the SA 8000 standard in more detail; You can contact Aşan Danışmanlık to have more detailed information about the advantages it offers for employers, employees and customers.

SA 8000 Certification Process

We can summarize the steps of the SA 8000 certification process as follows:

SA 8000 self-assessment: The first step in the certification process is to conduct an online management system self-assessment. The SA8000 self-assessment helps interested organizations understand the management system requirements of SA8000 and their readiness to apply for certification.

Making an application to the certification body: After successfully completing the self-assessment step, businesses contact an accredited certification body to initiate the full assessment process. Each accredited certification body is managed independently.

Certification audit: These audits usually consist of two steps. Stage 1 audits are usually 1-2 days; Stage 2 audits are between 2-10 days. The audit process may vary depending on the size of the organization, the field of activity, the number of employees, etc. Certification bodies evaluate whether the enterprises are sufficient to obtain the SA 8000 Certificate during the audits.

SA 8000 certification: Businesses that successfully pass audits are entitled to receive SA 8000 social compliance certificate.

Surveillance audits: The certificate period is 3 years. During this period, companies are audited, usually twice a year, with or without prior notice. After three years, the certification process is repeated.

Aşan Danışmanlık guides companies in all of these processes. It assists companies in completing the self-assessment, identifying the issues that are incompatible with the standard, taking the necessary actions, researching the certification body and creating a certification plan. Optimizing the cost of the certification process, Aşan Danışmanlık also ensures that companies are prepared for audits in the most accurate way. Aşan Danışmanlık also plays a major role in helping companies take the right steps to maintain SA 8000 accreditation even after the certification is completed.