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SA 8000 Consulting Service

SA 8000 Consulting Service

SA 8000 is a standard created by Social Accountability International (SAI) for factories and various organizations all over the world. SAI, a global non-governmental organization, aims to protect and promote human rights in the workplace. Besides SA 8000, it draws a roadmap for both workers and employers through different programs.
Over the years, SA 8000 has evolved into a general framework that helps every certified organization, regardless of country of residence, treat workers fairly. In this context, organizations that want to implement this standard in their own workplaces can fulfill the necessary obligations by obtaining SA 8000 Consulting Service.

What is SA 8000 Consulting Service?

Based on a management system that provides continuous improvement, SA 8000 provides performance measurement in eight areas that are important for social responsibility in the workplace. The rules and principles brought by SA 8000 aim to ensure social compliance at the highest level in all links of the supply chain. All organizations, large or small, that receive SA 8000 Consulting Service, can apply this standard without compromising their commercial interests.

Businesses benefiting from the SA 8000 Consulting Service can fulfill the necessary responsibilities regarding the following eight principles that form the basis of the standard:

1. Child labor
2. Forced or compulsory labor
3. Health and safety
4. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
5. Discrimination
6. Disciplinary practices
7. Working hours
8. Fee
9. Management system

Firms providing consultancy services provide some trainings to businesses at the points they deem necessary.

Benefits of SA 8000 Consulting Service

 Businesses that have obtained SA 8000 certification from an accredited certification body declare that they will comply with this standard for three years. This certification assures that an organization supports its social performance expectations while continually improving its management systems to address and prevent social and workforce risks. In this context, SA 8000 Consulting Service provides organizations with the following features:

• A holistic management system to maintain compliance with SA 8000
• Ensuring worker participation and dialogue between worker and employer
• Collaboration between business units and processes
• Collaboration in the supply chain

All public and private sector organizations that receive SA 8000 Consulting Service have a more institutional structure and can create their own corporate culture with the changes stipulated by the standard. SA 8000 Consulting Service also enables businesses to get through the certification process quickly and easily.

SA 8000 Certification Process

The company, which provides SA 8000 Consulting Service, also provides support to organizations that want to obtain certificates on what they need to do in this process. As the first step of the SA 8000 certification process, each institution should evaluate its management system within itself. Thus, the system requirements and the necessary preparations to apply for certification are completed. When businesses that receive SA 8000 Consulting Service complete this process correctly, they apply to an independent and accredited certification body.

The certification body reviews the documents, working system, employee opinions and operational records of the applicant enterprise. Businesses that fully comply with the principles of SA 8000 are entitled to receive a certificate at the end of the process.

After the certification process, businesses are visited, usually twice a year, with or without prior notice. The purpose of these visits is to provide assurance that the SA8000 continues to meet social performance requirements. Businesses can continue to receive SA 8000 Consulting Service for such applications.

Advantages of SA 8000 Certificate

Organizations that implement SA 8000 and have certificates by completing the required certification process with SA 8000 Consulting Service, directly or indirectly, gain many advantages. We can list these advantages as follows:

• Employees are aware that their rights are protected in all aspects. Employees with high motivation and morale can work more efficiently.
• The quality of the products and services offered by the organization increases visibly.
• Relationships established with suppliers and subcontractors are arranged for a longer period of time with the benefit of both parties in mind.
• Customer expectations can be met at the highest level and long-term customer loyalty can be achieved. This paves the way for entry into new markets.
• Satisfaction of all stakeholders, especially customers, is ensured.
• Business image is improved; a reliable business image with high competitive power and prestige in the market is revealed.
• Large Children are given priority. It also leaves the cabin in terms of cleanliness for the firm; money is kept.
• Business topics can be presented locally.