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Social Compliance and SA 8000 Standard

Social Compliance and SA 8000 Standard

Social compliance refers to how a company protects the health and safety as well as the rights of its employees. It also indicates an organization´s corporate social responsibility perspective. Although many standards have been developed for the regulation of social compliance, an international certificate program SA8000 (Social Accountability) has been created in order to provide an international standardization. SA8000 offers a management system approach based on social performance and aims to support continuous improvement.

The SA8000 standard is based on internationally recognized ethical business standards, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO conventions and national laws. There are certain elements of the SA8000 standard. The inspections taken to obtain the SA8000 certificate include the control of these elements. Social compliance violations can easily cause a business to lose employees and customers.

Child Labor Prevention

Preventing child labor, which is still a common problem in Asia, is one of the most important conditions of social compliance. Under SA8000, child labor is considered any work performed by a child under the age of 15 unless the minimum working age is higher than local law. Within the framework of children´s right to education and healthy development, not employing child labor is one of the most basic objectives of the SA8000 standard. That´s why the strictest provisions of the standard also aim to ban child labour. Companies are responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment while promoting the implementation of SA8000 and ultimately the effective training of all young workers to drive improvement and, if necessary, fund it.

No Forced Labor

Because the work must be voluntary, the type of work that a person does not offer to do voluntarily, is done under the threat of punishment or retaliation, or is requested as a means of repayment for debt is against social compliance. For this reason, it is forbidden for the employer to employ forced or slave labor. In addition, the employer is not allowed to withhold employees´ salaries, benefits, or personal documents, as withholding documents can make it difficult for employees to leave at will. According to the SA8000 standard, the potential worker must be fully informed of the terms and conditions of proposed employment prior to recruitment, during the pre-employment process and during employment.

Working Hours Length

Suppliers must give employees at least one day off after working six consecutive days. In addition, the normal working week should not exceed 45 hours, overtime cannot exceed 3 hours per week (total weekly working hours cannot exceed 48 hours with overtime). In this sense, the SA8000 aims to limit the widespread abuse of overtime.


Payments and Rights

The wage received for a standard working month by a worker working in a certain place must not be below the minimum wage determined by the state. Under SA8000, it is investigated whether suppliers pay a living wage to employees. Suppliers must also comply with local laws for mandatory income withholding such as Social Security and taxes. In addition, overtime wages must be paid as required by law. The standard states that the supplier may not withhold or deduct wages for disciplinary reasons, unless permitted by national law or collective bargaining agreement.

No Discrimination

Social Compliance provisions protect employees from discrimination based on origin, caste, race, religion, gender, political affiliation and other qualifications. Recruitment, compensation, access must not be discriminated against or promoted. SA8000 aims to provide equal and respectful treatment to all employees in all matters. Employees will be recruited solely on the basis of their job-related qualifications, qualifications or skills and will be employed, trained, promoted and compensated solely on the basis of their job. Employees should not be penalized or otherwise treated for prejudice. They must be free from any form of inappropriate verbal, physical and sexual content, harassment and other discriminatory practices.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

The freedom of association and collective bargaining requirement give workers the right to form s and bargain collectively with their employers. However, compliance with this requirement may vary by national or local law. The SA8000 standard gives freedom of association and collective bargaining the right to workers to organize s of their choice and to bargain collectively with their employers. It also protects ized workers from discrimination, harassment or intimidation. Under the terms of Social Compliance, the company allows its personnel to be free to join an organization and effectively informs that it will not cause any negative consequences for the future of the application and respects this right. Take advantage of the control of such labor or its teams in any way the company does.

Occupational health and Safety

Benefiting from Social Compliance ion can benefit from owning a safe and healthy business, taking the necessary security measures to benefit from the project. This is the purpose of all elements of the two persons. First, in the employer role as responsible for managing the business; Clarify and guide what is required for remediation actions. This will be used to develop some proactive improvement with occupational health towards education, such as education. Maintenance is the assumption of new management responsibilities to make these protections more effective. Social maladjustment of their health and safety can be positive. In SA8000 standards; all safety in the work area should be minimized or removed as appropriate, risks to their health for newly pregnant and pregnant women, having appropriate equipment for personnel belonging to the personnel (respirator) are provided.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Vital to the fight against bribery and corruption, non-compliance entails significant risks. It can also become planable, destroying economic growth and at the same time that may arise. An effective anti-infringement and anti-corruption policy dictates a wrongful harm policy stance. Get some help. Bribery and system policy is the general choice and purpose of various choices that are subject to bribery in general and bribery in its different forms. It should include a plan for preparation in training, including training planning.

Disciplinary Practices

To take advantage of the Social Compliance pathway, you need to have good manners. You enjoy this requirement, punishment, simple chores, verbal abuse, or being boring. Employees´ performance evaluations and discipline-related issues should be informed and followed up in detail. These surgeries should not be applied arbitrarily and against him. Disciplinary punitive, SA8000 standard example word or simple example approach with written warnings. It also offers SA8000 standards for disciplinary fine payments.

Environmental Management and Responsibility

Organizations have an effective and sensitive environmental management. These social evaluations can be listed as evaluation for evaluation and evaluation, evaluation and evaluation, and evaluation and evaluation for evaluation.