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Social Compliance Consulting

It is recommended that brands and companies that want to offer enough and more during the relevant audits take this consultancy service. First of all, the working conditions within the company will be reviewed, and then the working hours, personnel salaries, the behavior of the workers and officials in the company, etc. will be taken into consideration. There are many different certifications in the field of social compliance. The principles and standards of all certification systems must be determined and it must be providing services with an institutional structure. In recent years, companies that want to adapt to the entire market in the global sense should go beyond the traditional marketing methods and pay attention to both marketing and internal activities. Social compliance and responsibilities should be known in order to increase efficiency. As Aşan Consulting, we are able to continue our services all over Turkey when companies want to receive social compliance consultancy.


How a company treats its personnel and the environment reveals the concept of social responsibility. It may be desirable to ensure that standards in social compliance, an indicator of how services are implemented and firm behavior in the domains, are met. In this case, companies are required to take social compliance audits with their own demands. Social compliance audits are also called "ETHICS AUDIT" in the sector. Many institutions, organizations and brands do not only pay attention to prices before purchasing in the globalizing world. The product to be purchased and the social compliance level of the company are very important. In addition to many big brands that are accepted in the world, developing brands are now looking for some standards in their production facilities within the scope of supply chains, and they want to see if they are in compliance with some laws and laws. SOCIAL COMPLIANCE AUDITS are preferred for grading and checking their compliance.

With the development of technology, it has become difficult for brands to control their reputation management, and it is quite normal for them to want to keep their supply chains under control so that they do not suffer from this situation and keep the quality at a certain standard. For example, the fact that the manufacturer of a very famous textile brand, which is in the supply chain, employs child labor in the factories or facilities where they produce, does not fully meet the rights of the workers, which means that this textile giant brand brings with it a big problem. There will be reputational damage and some losses in the face of all stakeholders such as consumers, brand shareholders, non-governmental organizations and competitors. Social compliance auditing is very important for you and your brand in order to prevent these losses and disappearances.


With the social compliance consultancy you will receive from Aşan Danışmanlık, you will bring your company to a position that dominates the entire sector and you will meet all the requirements of the sector before us, experts. Thanks to our expert consultants and trainers, the non-conformities existing within the company will be eliminated in a short time and the corrective activities in this area will be started in our follow-up. Thanks to our autonomous structure, which is within the scope of this service that Aşan Danışmanlık will offer you, a structure that self-corrects and develops without the need for external support awaits you.

Evaluation Clauses of Social Compliance Audits

* Child Labor
* Forced Labor
* Working hours
* Payments and Rights
* Discrimination
* Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
* Occupational health and Safety
* Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
* Disciplinary Practices
* Environment

When you benefit from this high quality consultancy service we offer to you, it is expected that your company will eliminate all nonconformities in a short time and continue on its way in a corrective way, thanks to our social compliance management systems. Your company must comply with all labor laws, occupational safety, occupational health, laws, environmental laws, regulations and social compliance standards of the global brand that the company serves. This is where we step in and make you a company that fits all.


You are in the right place to get training and support for social compliance audits for your company. You can benefit from the service you need at the most affordable prices by examining all the training topics and consultancy services on our corporate website.

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