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Sosyal Uygunluk Denetim Kriterleri Nelerdir?

What are Social Compliance Audit Criteria?

During the Social Compliance Audits, various criteria centered on the environment and human health, especially the Corporate Social Responsibility principles, come into play. These criteria mainly focus on issues such as human rights and labor rights. In this respect, the ideas that will be taken as a basis by each global certification body will be in this way. Especially the regulations made by international organizations (such as ILO and ETI) cover the core issues of certification processes. Because the will of these organizations emerges on a global scale, in the light of litigious data.

Some of the issues that companies should definitely pay attention to in order to meet the social compliance requirements are as follows;

• Occupational health, safety, working environment
• Hourly/weekly/monthly wages, compliance with minimum wage and basic needs,
• Working hours are determined in the light of ethical trade values,
• Institutional structure in compliance with local occupational safety laws
• Management, discipline, management methods

In addition to these; discrimination, mobbing, child workers, collective bargaining and trade rights & freedoms are among the social compliance criteria that concern every company from every sector.
Another issue that has gained importance especially in certification processes in recent years has been "environmental sensitivities". Compliance with the criteria specified by global and local environmental protection organizations, ministries and relevant organizations, especially in the production leg of commerce, is an important criterion to overlap with social compliance. Environmental sensitivities, which have become widespread around the world, are also rapidly engulfing the business world. At this point, it is necessary to take the principles of environmental protection as a basis, especially in order to be able to take part in the global market and to establish partnerships with giant sector elements.