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TGI Think Green Initiative Document

Today, the issue of how the production of consumer products affects the environment concerns governments, non-governmental organizations, professional associations and direct consumers themselves.

While retailers and brands work to demonstrate good environmental stewardship in their supply chains, suppliers are simultaneously asked to continuously improve their environmental performance. In this context, the Think Green Initiative (TGI | Think Green Initiative) program managed by Intertek enables suppliers to demonstrate sustainable environmental practices.

In order to understand the philosophy of the Think Green Initiative, it is useful to get to know Intertek a little more closely. Intertek is an industry-leading organization with more than 46,000 employees at 1,000 locations in more than 100 countries. For over 130 years, companies around the world have worked with Intertek to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems.

Going beyond testing, auditing and validating products, Intertek serves as a provider of Total Quality Assurance in different industries worldwide. Thanks to its facilities equipped with modern technology, industry-leading technical expertise and global network, it provides assurance, testing, inspection and certification services to its customers. Intertek, its customers;

• R & D studies
• Raw material supply
• Supply of products, semi-finished products or equipment
•    Production
• Transport and distribution processes
• Retail channels
• Consumer management
It offers a systemic approach to support quality assurance efforts in all aspects of its activities, including
Through the Think Green Initiative and other programs, Intertek helps every business, whether local or global, bring their products to certain standards on a variety of issues. Among the subjects of these standards, titles such as quality, health, environment, safety and social responsibility can be listed. Organizing comprehensive global accreditations, assessments and agreements, Intertek is among the most effective organizations in the world in overcoming market and supply chain barriers with its knowledge and experience.

Solutions of Think Green Initiative

Organizations that are entitled to receive the TGI Think Green Initiative Certificate directly or indirectly gain many advantages. The most important of them can be listed as follows:

• Reducing costs
• Increasing material efficiency
• Making good practices in green production
• Ensuring the organization meets the needs of its future employees, communities, investors and customers

Think Green Initiative has emerged from web-based platform and deep expertise in the environment. Evaluate, examine and monitor the environmental performance of factories; It has become a useful, sustainable and effective tool to finally achieve an improved performance. In this context, the tools and modules that can be used by businesses that have received the Think Green Initiative Certificate are as follows:

• Dual Core Compatibility Module

1. Environmental Legal Compliance Assessment
2. Environmental Management System (EMS) Evaluation

• Environmental Modules

1. Water
2. Energy
3. Hazardous Substances, Equipment and Wastes
4. Air Emissions
5. Noise Emissions
6. Sustainable Production

Benefits of Think Green Initiative Document for Businesses

TGI Certification offers several benefits to businesses by providing greater visibility into environmental commitment and performance. In this context, we can say that TGI is quite functional in the following areas:

• Meeting environmental regulatory requirements
• Reducing both environmental footprint and costs
• Increasing material efficiency through better resource management, including recycling, material reuse and waste reduction
• Acquiring sustainable business practices
• Leveraging insights for green production and sustainable purchasing
• Good corporate governance and achieving preferred supplier status
• Being able to commit to “green” management to all stakeholders, especially investors, employees, society and customers.

Manufacturers are eligible to receive the “Think Green Initiative Achievement Award” after they have satisfactorily completed the TGI evaluation and performance criteria.

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Today, environmental issues are considered more important than ever before. Governments, local governments, non-governmental organizations, professional industries and organizations are realizing these converters. All public and private sector application equipment for the development of greener products and systems Think Green
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