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TSE Service Competence
It involves the Turkish Standards Institute measuring the adequacy of the service provided. Service certification is certification that shows that the services provided to the consumer are in compliance with the relevant Turkish Standard or criteria. If the compliance is determined, the document given to the organizations is the Service Sufficiency Certificate. Organizations that are entitled to receive this document can use this brand and logo. Organizations that cannot meet the conditions are not entitled to use. The institutions or organizations that can use this document are listed below with some examples.
Imal Organizations that manufacture and import products that are covered by the warranty according to the consumer and competition protection law:
White goods services, automobile services, computer, electronic goods services and similar organizations can be given as examples.
Kurum Institutions or organizations that provide or want to do public services by tender:
Food, cleaning, security, landscaping, laundry, spraying, etc. organizations providing service are also included in this scope.
Olan Organizations that have legal obligations due to security risks:
LPG-CNG supply and conversion stations and similar institutions or organizations are included in the content sample.
Kurum Institutions or organizations who want to guarantee and prove their service quality in the industry against their customers:
Bakery, restaurant, photo studios and similar places or places are examples.
Service qualification certificate or brand usage instruction and rules contain a number of conditions. Those who use TSE brands or brands without contract, other than those who use TSE brands or documents despite their contract expires for any reason, and those who use TSE brands or brands in violation of the rules specified in the documents such as "Service Sufficiency Certificate or Trademark Usage Instruction". against; Material compensation for the product or service is not less than two (2) times the ceiling fee for using one (1) annual precedent document. Legal proceedings are initiated with an additional (moral) compensation request, not less than (5) times.
Benefits of TSE Service Competence Certificate
An institution, in which service competence is ensured, also acquires benefits indirectly. The conditions to be met in order to obtain the certificate will automatically increase the level in the institution. The benefits that may arise in the institution by providing service competence are listed below.
Birisi One of the tender conditions is fulfilled for organizations serving in some sectors.
Tüm All equipment in the workplaces is covered by insurance.
Cihazlar All devices left by the customer for service are covered by insurance.
? For the service written in the document, it guarantees that the infrastructure of the certified organization is complete.
Sağlar It ensures that the service is provided within a certain time and in accordance with certain rules.
? The service provided can be traced retrospectively.
Kalitesi The quality of the service provided increases.
Sağlar It protects the rights of the customer receiving the service.
? The customer is protected in terms of price.
Sağlar It provides increased customer satisfaction.
. It provides an increase in the number of customers of the service provider.
Sağlar It ensures that the after-sales services related to the product are carried out safely.
How to Get TSE Service Competence
Documents can be obtained only by applying to the TSE representative offices and / or regional directorates through the "Application Form" or through the "online transactions" section, which they will obtain from the www.tse.org.tr website.
Those who want to obtain a Service Sufficiency Certificate will apply to the TSE representatives or regional directorates of the province in which they are located.
If it is desired to apply to another TSE representative and / or regional directorate outside the city they are in, applications are accepted with the written permission of the Head of UMC or Service Certification Group.
There is an authorized service contract. This contract is an example of a contract prepared for manufacturers / importers to perform after sales services of products manufactured or imported. The articles written in the contract are mandatory articles of the contract, and the parties may also include the articles of the agreement between them in addition to these articles. The Authorized Service Agreement can be made in the presence of a notary public or on the condition that the parties are signed by mutual stamping. In the contracts that are not made before the notary public, the photocopy of the signature circular of the parties or the declaration of the signature (in the individual companies) will be accepted and legible.
Asan Consultancy should be contacted to get more detailed information about TSE service qualification.