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The establishment date of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), which is affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Technology today, is 18 November 1960. Responsible for publishing standards regarding all kinds of products and services in our country, TSE is a public institution and has a legal personality. The standards published by TSE are called the Turkish Standard. Some standards are advisory and some can be made compulsory by the relevant ministries. Mandatory standards are published in the Official Gazette.

Tasks of TSE
• All kinds of products; To prepare standards related to by-products or semi-finished products, services, procedures and principles or to prepare standards through other institutions.
• To examine standards prepared by institutions other than TSE or in other countries in our country; To be accepted as Turkish Standard, if deemed appropriate.
• To contact the relevant ministries for the standards that must be applied by force.
• To prepare standards and provide opinions at the request of public and private sector organizations, professional chambers, universities, non-governmental organizations or other institutions.
• To conduct scientific studies on standards.
• To examine and research other standards published worldwide and to cooperate with other standard organizations.
• Publishing various publications on standards; Creating a library on standards and offering them to the service of those concerned.
• To provide training on standardization studies and to train personnel.
• Opening laboratories for applications such as testing, analysis, calibration etc. in the standards; creating documents and reports.
TSE, the quality and reliability of standardization studies; In this context, it aims to increase the competitiveness of our country at the international level. It works to maintain all standardization activities independently, impartially, quickly, reliably and effectively. It aims to create the necessary infrastructure for commercial activities to be carried out faster, easier and under equal conditions. Being the leader, preferred and leading institution in the field of standardization both nationally and internationally is the most important goal of TSE.

TSE´s Services
• Product certification
• System certification
• Halal certification
• Organizing training
• Personnel certification
• Green airport projects
• Green port projects
• New management systems
• Standard services
• CE marking service
• SASO quality mark
• G Mark service
G mark
• Experiment and laboratory services
TS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017
TS EN ISO / IEC 17043: 2013
TS EN ISO / IEC 17024: 2012
• Test lab approval
• Calibration services
o Pressure
he Dimensional
o Mechanical
o Temperature
o Electrical
o Torque
Force - hardness
she Acoustic
o Volume
she Mass
• Measuring instruments inspections
Scale / weighing instruments
Tanker counters
Precise mass dimensions
o Volume scale containers
Tire pressure gauges
Fuel stations
• Standard preparation work program
•    Information technologies
Environmental surveillance
• Proficiency and comparison tests
• Inspection surveillance
• Elevator control services
• Natural gas burning systems
Transport and logistics services
• Vehicle project services
• Dangerous goods transportation
• Wet and fruit transportation
Vehicle control centers
• Radar inspection service
• Railway certification activities
• TSE collaboration models
• Library service
• Greenhouse gas emission monitoring
• Export compliance assessment services
• Special projects
o Solar Power Plants Inspection & Inspection
Non Destructive Testing
Welding Procedure Approval (WPS, PQR)
Nuclear Manufacturer Approval
Welded Manufacturing and Steel Construction
Nuclear Construction and Site Inspections
PMC Services
Nuclear Manufacturing Inspections
As can be seen, TSE has services on many different topics. However, the services that make TSE such an important institution are product and system certification services. Today, every business receives product and system certification service from TSE, regardless of its size in the public and private sectors. In this context, it is worth noting that as the product certification service, TSE has issued the following documents:
• Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards (TSE Brand)
• Criteria Compliance Certificate (TSEK Brand)
• Certificate of Conformity to Harmonized Documents (TSE-HAR Brand)
• Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate (EMU-TSE-EMC Brand)
• ENEC Certificate (ENEC E-23 Brand)
• CCA-NTR Certificate
• Unit Verification Document
• Test Certificate
• Safe Green Building Certificate
• GMP Certificate
• E0 / E1 Formaldehyde Emission Certificate
• Technical Approval Certificate
• Halal Certificate
• TSE Star Certificate And Brand
• TSE Double Star Certificate And Brand
• Type Certificate
• CB Test Certificate
• Wind Energy System (WPP) - Solar Energy System (GES)

The systems TSE certifies are as follows:
• 9001 - Quality Management System
• 14001 - Environmental Management System
• 22000 - Food Safety Management System
• 22000 - FSSC Food Safety System
• 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System
• 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System
• 13485 - Medical Devices Management System
• 10002 - Customer Satisfaction Management System
• 50001 - Energy Management System
• TSE K 118 - Precast Concrete Reinforced Building Elements
• 22301 - Business Continuity Management System
• 15224 - Health Services Quality Management System
• 28000 - Supply Chain Security Management System
• 29990 - Education and Training Services Management System
• 22716 - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
• 31000 - Risk Management
• 13811 Hygiene and Sanitation Management System
• 18295-1 / 18295-2 Customer Contact Centers System
• 39001 - Road Traffic Safety Management System
• Green Port / Eco Port
• IQ Net SR 10 - Social Responsibility Management System