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USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Certificate

USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Certificate

Products that are produced organically in our country and want to be exported to the United States must have a USDA (US Department of Agriculture) certificate. Many companies apply to our company to obtain this document and sell to America. With this document, which you can obtain under the roof of our company, you can have your organic products sent to America. When you receive this document, you certify that you provide and guarantee the following:

• Environmental and climate protection,
• Preservation of soil fertility and biodiversity,
• Ensuring compliance with the natural cycle,
• Guarantee that no synthetic or chemical materials are used,
• Guarantee that no GMOs are used,
• Situations such as ensuring transparent labeling for the consumer are guaranteed.

With this certificate issued by organizations authorized by the US Department of Agriculture, organic products and all products obtained from organic products, such as food, personal care products and feed, are allowed to enter the country. If this certificate does not exist, the passage of the relevant product is not allowed. As an authorized certification company, we have been providing the necessary assistance for our valued customers to obtain this certificate for years. If you want to gain prestige by obtaining this certificate for your organic products, you can contact us. We assist you by providing the necessary assistance to ensure the standards you need, with our expert technical staff in this field.

Aşan Danışmanlık is among the most preferred companies with its experience in this field. Our teams can reach results as quickly as possible for anyone applying for this document from Turkey.
With the USDA certificate, the criteria that farmers need for organic farming are determined and controlled. It also helps the company gain reputation in international markets by demonstrating its reliability and quality. It helps producers by encouraging agricultural production and trade. It encourages people living in rural areas to engage in agricultural production. The purpose of this certificate is also to end hunger in America and the world.

If you want to strengthen your company and sell your organic products to America for the above-mentioned purposes, you can contact us. You can call us by phone during the day if you wish. Or you can request the necessary information by sending us an e-mail at any time. Our expert consultants will assist you by providing the necessary information on this matter.

USDA aims to support agriculture in America and farmers in rural areas with the standards it has set, and to guide them with various incentives. In addition, it requires that the same standards be met for organic products coming to its country. It aims to protect and maintain healthy limited situations such as forest lands, water resources, agricultural lands and natural resources.

In Which Areas Is the USDA Certificate Valid?

As one of the documents you can obtain from our company, you may be wondering in which field the USDA certificate is valid. Especially if you have a business or interest in organic agriculture, you have definitely heard of this document. USDA certification is valid in many areas such as animal, biotechnology, climate and nature protection, forestry, food and nutrition, health and safety, organic agriculture, plants, rural agriculture and trade. You can certify the quality of your company by obtaining the necessary certificate in this regard.
Recently, we have observed a significant increase in the number of people applying to our company to obtain a USDA (US Department of Agriculture) certificate. Many people are looking for ways to increase the prestige of their companies, increase their reliability, and document this as proof. In case of such a situation, it will be sufficient to apply to our company. As a result of the hard work carried out by our experts, you will be entitled to receive the relevant certificate.

Set out with Aşan Danışmanlık, Turkey´s leading certification institution. We serve you with our professional teams who will support you for both FDA certification and food documents. In addition, data flows regularly on our corporate Instagram account on many issues related to food certificates. You can follow us.The United States (US) Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the federal executive agency responsible for developing and enforcing federal laws regarding farming, forestry, rural economic development, and food.


To meet the needs of farmers,

To encourage agricultural trade and production,

· Ensuring food safety,

· To protect natural resources,

Supporting rural communities and

End hunger in the US and internationally

works for. The institution, with its management and application understanding based on science; It provides leadership to public policy on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition and related issues.

USDA has a broad vision of creating economic opportunities through innovation and helping rural areas of the United States thrive. With these goals, USDA, the country´s natural resources; carries out extensive work to protect agricultural lands, forest areas and watersheds.

The USDA consists of 29 agencies and offices with approximately 100,000 employees serving the American people at more than 4,500 locations throughout the country and abroad. We can list the agencies operating under the institution as follows:

· Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)

Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

· Animal and Plant Health Control Service (APHIS)

Economic Research Service (ERS)

· Farm Services Agency (FSA)

· Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)

· Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)

· Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)

Forest Service (FS)

· National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

· National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

· Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

· Risk Management Agency (RMA)

· Rural Development (RD)

The establishment of the USDA dates back to the mid-19th century. Abraham Lincoln, who became the US president in 1862, signed a congressional act establishing the US Department of Agriculture, the Institution celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.


Fields of Activity of USDA

· Animals

He conducts studies such as animal diseases, animal management and animal health research.

· Biotechnology

USDA supports biotech studies to help meet the agricultural challenges and consumer needs of the 21st century.

· Broadband

Reliable and affordable high-speed internet connection is one of the most important issues for economic activity in the USA. USDA is also working on this issue.

· Climate

The changing climate poses serious threats to US agricultural production, forest resources and rural economies. The USDA is also taking steps to produce modern solutions to the problem of climate change.

· Protection

USDA believes that sustainable agriculture can be achieved by protecting farmland and forests.

· Data

The USDA has several agencies that do research to provide analysis and statistics, including the Economic Research Service, the Foreign Agricultural Service, and the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

· Disaster

The USDA works with other agencies to properly manage potential disasters and identify actions to take.

· Food and Nutrition

The USDA provides nutritional assistance to millions of families.

· Forestry

USDA´s forestry services work to maintain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation´s forests and farmland to meet the needs of current and future generations.

· Health and safety

The USDA´s Food Safety and Inspection Service ensures that the nation´s meat, poultry, and processed eggs supply is healthy and safe, and that products are appropriately labeled.


USDA conducts studies on current organic products and producers who want to switch to organic production.

· Plants

The USDA has resources and capabilities such as the Weed Program and technological products to manage pest populations, research and monitoring, control strategy, etc.

· Re-creation

The USDA has resources such as rules and requirements for pet travel, guidelines and regulations for importing animals, recreational fees and passes, reports and publications.

· Research and Science

For more than 100 years, the USDA has supported America´s farmers in their efforts to produce safe and abundant food products. The background of this support In the future, it can be used and used continuously.

· Rural

USDA, annual development and resources and resources for support communities, locales, and facilities.

· Trade

To work with the USDA, through research, data and analysis, trade agreements, grants, and programs, to expand and repair markets for American farmers and breeding facilities both outside and outside.

USDA´s Incentives

USDA, to develop and develop charitable programs in the USA. The main trainings of the institution are listed below:

· Agricultural Innovation Agency

· United Federal Campaign

· Energy

Food Families of the Feds

USDA Farmers Market

· Veterans

· Women in Agriculture

· Youth and Agriculture

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