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Vegan Certificate

Vegan Certificate

Before giving information about the Vegan Certificate and the certification process, it would be useful to define the concepts of Vegan and Veganism.


What is Vegan?

Veganism is a diet in which no animal products are preferred, and vegetarian nutrition becomes a culture and lifestyle. The word vegetarian was coined by Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson in 1944. The approach in which people completely remove animal products from their diet and living areas and prefer plant foods and products as the main source of nutrition is defined as "Vegan" or "Veganism". Veganism, unlike vegetarianism; Apart from meat, they stay away from the use and consumption of other animal products such as silk, wool, honey, dairy products and eggs. The idea of ??a vegan diet is based on the desire to live healthy, the love of animals and the desire to prevent cruelty to animals, and religious beliefs. With the spread of interpersonal and international interaction in our age, Veganism has been adopted by millions of people around the world and has become a culture on its own. Vegan nutrition culture, which appeals to millions of people, has naturally created its own food market. Since vegans do not prefer textile, shoes, leather products, chemical and cosmetic products, and animal-based products in the pharmaceutical sector, apart from the food sector, manufacturers have started to produce products suitable for Vegan lifestyle in the relevant sectors in line with these preferences and offer them to the market.

What is Vegan Certification?

Today, where the demand for vegan products is increasing rapidly, the product supply for Vegan nutrition culture has increased and diversified considerably. This situation necessitates the supervision of specialized authorities on Veganism, apart from the standard control mechanisms. It stands out as organizations that inspect, register, control the market and carry out activities that allow this culture to be safely carried to the future, whether products from food to cosmetics are produced in accordance with the requirements of vegan or vegetarian culture around the world. The certificate given to the producers as a result of the inspection and registration activities carried out by these organizations is called the Vegan or Vegetarian Certificate.

How to Get a Vegan Certificate?

After the application made by the producer organizations, the proposal and contract stage is started. If an agreement is reached at the proposal and contract stage, the audit and control stage is followed. The inspection and control process is a long process and includes production, product and content stages, visual and experimental methods and conformity due diligence activities. At the end of this process, a Vegan Certificate is given to the organization that has a positive audit.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Vegan Certificate?

The certification process consists of the stages of receiving the application, performing the examinations and evaluations, and eliminating the nonconformities identified as a result of the audits and audits. This process can take approximately 3 to 6 weeks. The Vegan Certificate purchase process can take up to 13 weeks depending on the process and product structure.


How Vegan Certificate Controls Work

Depending on the product variety of the company, the audit is carried out on a date determined by the agreement between the organization that has completed the certification process in accordance with the procedures and the Audit Department, for not less than 1 day. In Vegan Certificate audits, the product, production process, infrastructure, environment and product (final product) test reports are examined by the auditor. If non-compliance with the standards is detected as a result of the examination, this situation is reported to the company. The manufacturer is informed that the detected nonconformities must be corrected within a maximum of 3 months, and the audit is concluded with the presentation of the audit report.


Vegan Certificate Non-Compliance Issue

Organizations holding the certificate are obliged to always fulfill the conditions they have undertaken and fulfilled while obtaining the Vegan Certificate. Vegan producers primarily face the problem of Vegan Certificate cancellation if the procedures are violated and misleading information is given. This is announced to the consumers even after the certificate is revoked.

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