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What Does Procurement Mean?

What Does Procurement Mean? We have included all the details for you in this content where we have addressed the answer to the question. Before moving on to the procurement processes, it is necessary to learn the meaning of the word supply.

When we consider the word supply, in the ordinary course of life, we use this word more commonly as supplying. It is one of the words that we use or hear very often in our daily life. Supply, which is a word used to obtain a good, can have different meanings. It is known that it is used together with verbs such as to do and to be.

It is also from Arabic that this word, which comes from Arabic and has its origin in Arabic, entered the Turkish language. This content has been prepared for you by Aşan Danışmanlık in order to learn the best meanings of these words used such as supplying, supplying, supplying. You can get information from our company, which offers the services of developing systems related to the supply chain and integrating these systems to companies.

What Does Procurement Mean?

In general terms, procurement is known as the process of finding and accepting goods and services from external sources in order to bid in competition processes and tender periods. It includes the implementation of purchasing decisions contained within conditions of scarcity. Being prepared for all the conditions that will be experienced and being able to provide and keep at hand the things that may be needed in spite of these situations will include each of these words. When we look at the word, the meaning of the word supply in the current Turkish dictionary of the Turkish Language Association is preparation, acquisition, provision of capital goods in the production processes of the company.

Procurement is also a logistics term. We often see the phrase "provided" during all research, planning, transportation and delivery stages of the tool, device, machine or raw material to be obtained from the appropriate supplier. Companies that say that the products are in the procurement stages will present a very common word to you.


To briefly touch on the subject of supply chain, which we will fully address in the next content;

The logistics network covers the period in which the products or services comprising the supply chain move from the suppliers to the customer, the relevant process. The name given to all of the people, technologies, activities and resources involved in this process is the supply chain.

You can get information and support from Aşan Danışmanlık for all supply chain consultancy and certification processes.

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