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What is a Supply Chain?

What is Supply Chain within the scope of ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System? Many details were shared with you in this content where we discussed the subject.

When we look at the term procurement, the related term is known as a logistics term. When we consider it in terms of the meaning of the word, the word supply means searching and finding, obtaining. It is related to the availability of the required raw materials, tools, materials, machines, products and services from suppliers. As Aşan Danışmanlık, we reach you with our expert staff and are knowledgeable about these issues, and we provide all the documents your business wants to obtain within the scope of supply chain security in a short time. A secure network must be established for all products in the supply chain to reach the final buyers.


The name of the network between the company and the supplier in order to produce and distribute a product to the final buyer is called the supply chain. In the supply chain, which includes different activities, people, assets, information and resources, products and services can also be delivered to the customer in an original way. In the supply chain, which covers all these steps, the supply chains should be developed in order to reduce the costs of the companies and to provide competitive conditions in the business environment.

All companies that want to get the relevant document by being included in the ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System must first know the supply chain. When we look at all the features and details of supply chain management, the prominent ones are as follows;

* Firms with optimized supply chain, which is a very important process, have lower costs and have a faster production process.
* The network between companies and their suppliers arises for the production and distribution of products and services in the supply processes and chain.
* Manufacturers, vendors, warehouses, transport companies, distribution centers and retailers that are between institutions in the supply chain are included in the supply chain.
* Functions involved in the relevant process include the scope of product development, marketing, operations, finance, distribution and customer service.
* Includes supply chain details, details of research considerations, ion, planning stages, stock control, purchasing activities, shipping details, etc.
* Supply chain management is required for lower costs and a faster production cycle.

What Are the Benefits of the Supply Chain?

The benefits of the ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System are many. A good flow of information is necessary to ensure timely access to the right material to customers. It is important that a properly planned supply chain provides trust to companies and benefits customers as well as offerings. Having a good supply chain is expected to improve delivery performances. It is ensured that the total costs are minimized. Errors that may occur in the product are known in advance and it is ensured that the errors are minimized.

Firms that effectively own the supply chain will make more profits by shortening the process. The supply chain is very important to ensure the continuity of production at all times. It is necessary to increase the quality and respond to all changes that may occur in the market in a short time.

Improve your supply chain with Aşan Consulting. Get to know and use information technologies better and always be open to innovation by ensuring your supply chain security. Achieve higher productivity with less inventory.

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