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What is CE Marking?

What is CE Marking?

CE marking is a procedure that allows a product to circulate freely in the EU market by complying with the necessary legal regulations. CE label / CE mark (CE mark) indicates that a product meets the requirements of the technical legislation published by the EU regarding that product and the harmonized European standards to which that legislation refers. These regulations, which explain the basic requirements on issues such as quality, health, safety, performance, durability, environment, etc., form a legal basis for CE marking. A product with a correct CE marking means a product that has passed some special tests and analyzes, has met the market supply conditions, has the relevant documents prepared, and is mostly ready for sale. CE marking requires that manufacturers and notified bodies that are allowed to be included in the certification process within the scope of the regulation take certain responsibilities.

Which products are CE Marked?

CE marking is done for product groups for which a certification framework is drawn and certification is required in line with the EU´s New Approach Directives (CE Directives). In line with the special EU regulations prepared for different sectors and products, marking processes are carried out for many products that will be put on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA). Some of these products are:
• Machines
• Elevators
• Pressure equipment
• Medical devices
• Personal protective equipment
• Construction materials
• Toys
• Electronic devices
• Cable car systems
• Hot water boilers
• Pyrotechnic substances
• Gas-burning devices

How is CE Marking Made?

The requirements of CE marking and how it should be physically attached to the product are explained in detail in the regulations published specifically for the above products. In this context, the following points should be considered in the marking process after the certification process is completed:
• The CE mark must consist of the initials “CE”.
• Both letters must be the same vertical size and a minimum size of 5 mm.
• The CE mark must be visible to the user on the product.
• It should be in a location where everyone can read it and it should be indelible.
• If the sign needs to be enlarged or reduced, both the letters “CE” should move in the same scale.
• After the letters remain visible, the sign can be written in different colors, plain or hollow.
• If the product is too small to be marked on, the mark must be placed on the product´s packaging and on the documents accompanying it during shipment.
• Some products can be covered by more than one regulation at the same time and the certification process can be done separately for each regulation. In this case, the numbers of all regulations must be included in the CE marking process.

CE Marking Benefits

We can summarize the benefits of CE marking to the stakeholders of the product as follows:
• It allows the product to enter the European market and circulate freely.
• Since many countries accept the validity of CE marking, products can be supplied to markets outside of Europe.
• This mark indicates that the product complies with the New Approach Directives and the regulation related to the product.
• Verifies that the product meets essential health, safety and environmental requirements. The CE label is an indication of the initial quality level.
• A product whose CE marking is made according to legal requirements increases the competitive power of the product owner company in the market and raises the brand image.
• The CE label is also an assurance for users. Customers who will buy a product give priority to products with CE marking, which increases the corporate reputation and sales volume of companies.

CE Marking Consultancy

Before CE marking, companies must fulfill all technical and administrative obligations regarding their products. In this process, there are activities such as testing, analysis, product verification, documentation, technical file preparation, process tracking with the notified body, and communicating with accredited certification bodies. After these are completed correctly and in accordance with the regulations, CE marking can be done. Aşan Danışmanlık offers a professional consultancy service by planning all the work that companies need to do from the beginning to the end of the CE certification process. For more detailed information, you can contact Aşan Danışmanlık.