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What is Social Compliance Consulting?

What is Social Compliance Consulting?
Every company that wants to perform adequately within the scope of Social Compliance Audits has to provide different ethical values, especially working conditions and hours, workers´ salaries and their attitude towards workers. For this reason, it is necessary to have a corporate structure that has adopted the principles of many different certifications and criteria, called social compliance or social compliance. Another set of principles accompanying social compliance is the Corporate Social Responsibility principle. In the 21st century, companies go beyond the classical marketing and production practices to increase working conditions and thus efficiency. In this sense, for the purpose of social responsibility and compliance, companies voluntarily subject their corporate structures to certain audits. These audits are called Social Compliance Audits and may differ according to sectors. In addition, the number of internationally recognized organizations managing such audits is more than one. The first gain targeted with Social Compliance Audits is ethical trade. Along with other gains, it is aimed that the stakeholders agree on the principles of social compliance. Especially the suppliers, who have the ideal values ??stipulated by the global organizations related to ethical trade and social responsibility, are more preferred, especially the giant actors of the sector.

Evaluation Items in the Context of Social Compliance Audits

1- Child Labor
2- Forced Labor
3- Working Hours
4- Payments and Rights
5- Discrimination
6- Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
7- Occupational Health and Safety
8- Combating Bribery and Corruption
9- Disciplinary Practices
10- Environment