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What is the Global Supply Chain?

In the face of many negative situations, the supply chain has entered into a great chaos in recent years. As Aşan Consulting, what is the Global Supply Chain today? We will talk about the subject and share some important details. Within the scope of the war news and the emerging global economy threats immediately after the coronavirus, serious increases have occurred in many input costs. Due to chip problems, port problems, inadequacies in truck drivers and other large vehicle drivers in recent years, many problems have occurred in the supply processes. This problem has also threatened the economy of many countries.

Many processes have been interrupted within the scope of quarantines and other measures taken in many countries of the world in 2021. With this epidemic, many countries´ economies have unfortunately been in a bad position with inflation and due to the chaos in the supply chains, the manufacturers have tried to dominate the processes in order to meet the increase in demands. Thanks to the right supply management and security, very few companies were not affected by this chaos, on the contrary, they went to grow more. When we look at the companies that turn the chaos in the supply chain into benefits, almost all of them are companies that have the ISO 28000 Standard and have just received this standard.

You can take your business one step further by taking advantage of our ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System consultancy services.

Global Supply Chain

The global supply chain covers the entire process from the production of products to reaching consumers. It refers to the supply network in the related process. These rings in the global supply chain also cover the production of product components, labor supply, logistics activities of goods.

In the supply chain processes, it covers the raw material orders of the companies and their acquisition, the production stages of the products and the distribution stages to the customers, transportation services and many corporate functions. Procurement processes involve many details in acquiring materials and converting them into intermediate finished products. According to the companies, although global procurement processes involve a lot of complexity, with ISO 28000 it will be possible to leave this complexity with less damage, generally without any damage. With the supply of materials from the right places, the follow-up of the procurement processes and the use of advanced technologies, many companies gain profit from time and price in their procurement processes.

Important elements for the management of procurement processes are as follows;

products in the right quantities,
in the right place
Right time,
Availability at least cost.

It is a dream to work with world-famous brands and world-famous companies for every sector. We work with numerous companies that are suppliers of many companies from our country that are known to the world.

We continue our activities with our expert consultants in order to avoid disruptions in the global supply chain for companies supplying products to all over the world or supplying products in various countries. As Aşan Consulting, we continue our services for all of the machines, equipment, test equipment, certification processes, product test analysis and consultancy activities for your company.

Thanks to the ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System, you will not have a problem throughout the global supply chain and you will manage every stage correctly. Due to the shortage of labor in the world and the increase in disruptions in the supply chain, many brands are experiencing major disruptions in the raw material supply period. Consumers have problems in our country, where many products depend on foreign countries. In addition, the problems seem to grow with the emerging energy crises.

We provide ISO 28000 Consultancy to companies that want to make an effort to prevent all possible negative problems. To benefit from our consultancy activities, you can immediately call our numbers on our website.

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