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What is Trademark Registration?

 What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration is a document that shows who first thought and registered any brand, product or service. Today, trademarks must be registered in order to be protected. One of the well-known misconceptions is that trademark and patent mean the same thing. There are big differences between these two concepts. The brand protects the signs such as the name and logo being used, while the patent provides a scope to protect your new inventions.

Because we; As a professional trademark registration company, we are fully aware of these processes and we successfully manage the process down to the smallest detail on behalf of the brand owner. As a trademark registration company, we undertake all processes such as preparing the necessary documents and forwarding them to the relevant channels, monitoring and reporting the process instantly, and we care about your most valuable corporate asset as much as you do.

Provides support in making necessary objections in possible situations and taking action against possible problems; We do not allow anything to negatively impact the trademark registration process.
He acts strategically and carefully throughout the process; We proceed with a sensitivity worthy of the reputation of your brand, taking even the smallest details into account.

Then, you can contact us for trademark registration consultancy and application, and entrust your brand, which was created with indescribable excitement and many difficulties, to safe hands.

Why Us for Trademark Registration Consultancy?

Because we; We know that it is difficult to create a brand, realize it, connect with the consumer and maintain that brand as it was on the first day. He does not forget that the trademark registration process cannot tolerate even the slightest mistake; We shape our services around this understanding and carefully scrutinize them.

In this regard, we can list some of the advantages we provide with our services in the field of professional trademark registration as follows:
1. We allow you to have full legal rights of your brand. Thus, we prevent your brand name or logo from being used on any medium without your permission.
2. We protect all the material and moral interests of your business arising from the brand, your corporate image and reputation.
3. We ensure that you have TPMK approval, and we distinguish both your company and your products, services and services from similar ones with this official identity document that proves the right to use your brand.
4. We prevent your brand from being used by other companies or businesses and prevent trademark infringement. Like this; We eliminate the damages that possible violations may cause you, and when necessary, we provide you with the opportunity to apply to legal processes and get your rights in full.
5. We increase your brand awareness through advertising and marketing activities, support your sales and contribute greatly to you becoming a more well-known and preferred company. With the trademark registration service we offer, we give you the right to advertise on legal platforms, thus leading to an increase in your awareness and visibility.
6. We allow you to combine your products under a single brand with a trademark registration certificate, thus accelerating your growth process.

You too; What is trademark registration? Now that you have learned, do not delay in gaining all these advantages with the difference of our company! Move forward with firm steps by registering your brand today and securing all your rights!

Wherever you are, Aşan Consultancy is at your service whenever you want to work with a corporate company.

How to Register a Trademark?

After a few different steps, the trademark can be registered if no negative situation is encountered. The competent authority for trademark registration in Turkey is the Turkish Patent Institute. This institute is also known as TPI for short. The application phase can be carried out personally by real or legal persons. At this point, it is not necessary to use the tool. However, intermediary firms can also be used for more professional follow-up and execution of transactions. In these cases, a power of attorney must be issued for the intermediaries.

In order to apply for trademark registration, the trademark must first be determined. After that, it is necessary to determine which of the classes it belongs to from the class list determined by the institute and to pay the application fee accordingly. Thus, the application is made and the application is examined by the TPI. Then the institute publishes this application in the bulletin. If no objection request is received, the registration decision is issued and the relevant document is drawn up with the deposit of the trademark registration fee.

Term and Renewal

The protection period of registered trademarks is ten years. After the ten-year period, you can re-register your trademark and continue this process as long as you wish.

Address Change

If the right owner has experienced a change of address after the trademark has been registered, he must notify the Turkish Patent Institute. Otherwise, the addressee may be subject to loss of legal rights. For the notification of the change of address, the original of the trademark registration document and the fee for the change of address must be paid. If this change will be made by the intermediary firm, the power of attorney must be attached to the application.


It will always make things easier for your vehicle to be experienced for trademark registration. Because, the more customers the intermediary firm has worked with before, it shows that they have faced more problems and disruptions to date. Therefore, they will be more useful in producing solutions.

Work follow

In addition, it carefully follows the TPI stages, which are seen as complex for trademark registration, and this appears as an important detail in the ion criteria of intermediary firms. A well-organized trademark registration firm carries out the transactions very quickly and regularly.
It will be a great advantage for the intermediary firm to be in a structure that will be in front of you not only at the first registration, but also during the renewal after 10 years.

Reference and Vision

It will take a look at the visions of the intermediary companies and the successes of the brand patents they have realized so far, and it will give you an idea about working with such companies. For example, if the right classes are not ed, your brand may be registered in different classes by others and you may encounter obstacles in using the trademark.
It is not enough to apply for trademark registration. Your registration request may be canceled after an examination with various criteria.

If we look at the items that are required and need attention for Trademark Registration;

• First of all, trademarks that have been previously applied or registered by another institution, organization or person, or applications that are indistinguishably similar to each other, are not accepted by TPI. This rule is the most important issue to be considered in trademark registration.
• Secondly, trademarks that mislead individuals about the quality or nature of the service rendered or the goods being produced cannot be used for registration.
• Another important rule is that names such as geographical source, genus, species, purpose or value used by all segments of the society, such as qualifications, cannot be registered as trademarks.
• Likewise, the signs or names used to promote occupational groups cannot be used in the application.
• Another important rule is that brands containing religious values ??or symbols cannot be used.
• Another feature that should be considered is the inability to register immoral trademarks with the social order.