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What is Wood FSC Certificate?

What is Wood FSC Certificate?

It is a worldwide organization founded in 1993. This organization is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that deals with the production/sale of forest products with certain standards throughout the world. The Forest Stewardship Council is located in Bonn, Germany. At the same time, the headquarters of the institution is located in the city where it was established. What is FSC Certificate; It is a document showing that the products of companies engaged in production / sales of forest products are produced in accordance with the appropriate standards determined by the Forest Management Council.
FSC Certificate name; It is named after the initials of Forest Stwardship Council. The purpose of the establishment of this council started when it was revealed that half of the world´s forests were destroyed as a result of the FAO reports presented by the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization. The vision of the institution is to determine the standards for the correct use of forest products worldwide and to independently audit whether these standards are applied or not.
How to Get Wood FSC Certificate?
The first step is planning and preparation. Before you set target dates for FSC Certification, you should be aware that you must understand the FSC certification standard requirements and implementation steps. For this, you must ensure that a staff responsible for the FSC system is appointed and relevant training is given. The FSC System Management Representative must be a staff member appointed by the senior management and close to the senior management staff. You must have given the FSC officer full authority on the FSC Certificate.
• Education is a must for the FSC standard education system. Thanks to the FSC training, the relevant managers will have mastered the standard and its requirements. Giving these trainings in your company will be more beneficial for you.
• Ensuring Participation, It will be beneficial for the company officials to definitely own the FSC system and control every stage and take part in the project. All personnel in your organization, from the managers to the lowest employees, should support the FSC system. If the FSC system is not adopted by all personnel, problems arise in your company regarding the functioning of the system.
• It will be the best method for your company to create a plan before starting the Project Plan, FSC system. By following the dates you have planned for the FSC system, you will see where you are in the process. In short, the plan will be a guide for you.
• Writing the documentation, FSC handbook, FSC policy, and most FSC document procedures is often the most difficult step in implementing an FSC document. You need to determine what FSC documents you need are.

What are the Documents Required for the Wood FSC Certificate?
• FSC Handbook
• FSC Policy
• Document and Record Control Procedure
• Internal Audit Procedure
• Risk Analysis Procedure
• Production Workflow Chart with FSC
• Purchasing Workflow Chart with FSC
• Raw Material / Finished Input Control Forms with FSC
• FSC Production Work Order
• Finished Product Label
• FSC Logo Usage Instructions
• Emergency Instruction/Procedure
• Nonconforming Product Procedure
• Product Archive Procedure with FSC
• Product Approval Instruction with FSC
• Certification
To qualify for the FSC certification, your organization must be audited by an independent certification company. FSC audits are performed in almost the same way as FSC internal audits. FSC is the most recognized standard in the world for Forest Management.

What are the Wood FSC Certificate Requirements?
The Forest Management Council becomes a global council It was founded in 1933 in Bonn, Germany. According to the ´FAO´ reports of the United Nations and the World Food and Agriculture Organization, almost half of the world´s forests are destroyed. Considering the ecological reasons and the needs of the society for forests, the Forest Management Council was established in order to take precautions. It continues its services effectively in Bonn, the city where the most basic center of the Forest Management Council was established. This organization continues its activities as a non-governmental organization that does not target any financial income. There is a lot of information pollution when researching the conditions of the fsc certificate on the internet.
Companies that produce forest products that want to obtain the FSC certificate should start with the application to the organizations that are authorized to issue certificates in this regard. These applications are made by filling out the application form. The company´s information must be filled in completely on the application form. After this form is submitted to the authorized organizations, a certain price offer is submitted to the company producing forest products. In the event that an agreement is reached between the two parties, certain criteria are notified to the company. The firm is expected to fulfill these criteria. After these criteria are notified to the firm, a special auditor is assigned to the firm. The auditor works to meet the declared standards.