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Why is Social Compliance Audit Performed?

Why is Social Compliance Audit Performed?

Social compliance is a critical phenomenon, especially in the business world of the 21st century. Companies can gain many improvements that directly affect trade and indirectly social life, as a result of Social Compliance Audits. In this process, especially the detailed reports and analyzes presented, and the consultancy and guidance services based on them have a great contribution.

• Production issues, working conditions, labor issues, ground arrangements, compliance tracking and core values ??are established with the help of Social Compliance Audits.
• Businesses that have successfully passed the audit process; gains credibility and validity in the international arena.
• Web-based, real-time analysis, data and report review facilities are available.
• The global-scale, long-term experiences shared by the audit firm pave the way for the institution to become stronger in various fields.
• Information and understanding are developed on important issues of interest to stakeholders.

Social Compliance Audits and certificates obtained as a result also enable companies to register with certain databases. These databases bring together hundreds of thousands of different companies that have been approved for Social Compliance Audits in certification bodies. Because, with a certificate of conformity to be obtained, companies can include their own reports and analyzes in a system, as well as examine the analyzes and reports of different companies included in the system. For this process, corporate user accounts are created for companies. Through these accounts, companies can follow the developments of other players in the sector along with their own developments. In addition, many important data, especially social compliance, can be accessed about companies with which direct business partnerships are established.

Being present in the database of the above-mentioned organizations as a result of Social Compliance Audits is an important leap that will attract the attention of global brands. It is known that the world´s giant companies, especially in the production leg, are looking for partnerships, taking into account the analyzes in such databases. From this point of view, works that have been approved with internationally valid documents in areas such as social compliance or social responsibility are more easily opened to the world market. Regardless of the manufacturer or retailer, the certification processes constitute trust in the commercial relations to be established.