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Why You Should Prefer AŞ OSGB Company?

As AŞ OSGB in Occupational Health and Safety, our main goal is; is to provide occupational health and safety services in order to provide a healthy and safe workplace in the workplace. It is to determine the issues that may harm the health of the employees in advance, to take necessary precautions, to provide work in a comfortable and safe environment without suffering from occupational disease without having an occupational accident, to protect the mental and physical health of the employees and to ensure their continuity in production.

AŞ Common Health and Safety Unit, T.C. With the rightful pride and responsibility awareness of being authorized by the General Directorate of Occupational Safety by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, we aim to provide a quality OSGB service in all districts and surrounding provinces of Istanbul, considering every dimension of occupational safety business with the awareness and responsibility of being an OSGB on the side of labor.

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