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WRAP Consulting

What is WRAP?
WRAP; It is an acronym consisting of the initials of the words Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, which is translated into our language as Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. WRAP; is an independent non-profit organization focused on promoting and certifying legal, humane and ethical production worldwide. It was established to examine the compliance of the footwear and clothing industries worldwide with local laws and moral (ethical) requirements and internationally accepted laws. Established in 2000, WRAP is the largest labor and environmental certification program in the world for the manufacture and manufacture of labor surplus consumer products. WRAP is supported by 25 transnational organizations, including a transnational garment federation representing 36 national organizations and more than 150,000 organisations.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Manufacturing (WRAP); It is the largest certification/certification program in the world, especially for manufacturers of sewn products such as shoes, ready-made clothing and accessories. WRAP´s principles encompass core standards that address factory conditions, labor issues, and environmental compliance. These principles consist of 12 elements. WRAP, within the determined 12 principles; It audits and approves reliable and healthy, legal, humane and ethical manufacturing processes in the world. 12 principles of WRAP; Compliance with workplace conditions and laws, forced labor, prohibition of child labor, abuse or harassment, provision of compensation and legal needs, working hours restricted by law, discrimination, occupational health and safety, collective bargaining and organization, environment, security and compliance with customs requirements is related to.

Having a WRAP Certificate of an organization indicates the commitment of that organization to environmental and social ethical standards and expresses the production that it has made responsibly. Inspections for the issuance of the WRAP Certificate; It can also be called Social Responsibility or Social Compliance Audit (SUD). Other than WRAP regarding Social Responsibility; There are also establishment or certification/standardization programs such as SEDEX, Fairtrade and BSCI.

What is a WRAP Document?

The so-called WRAP Certificate or WRAP Certificate; It is the document given to the company that successfully completes the audits carried out within the scope of WRAP. This certificate is issued as a result of successful inspections by authorized inspection organizations. Thanks to the audit and the certificate issued within the scope of WRAP, companies can gain international reputation and prestige. In addition, the number of customers addressed by the company also increases.
A company within the scope of WRAP;

• WRAP Principles,
• Country labor laws,
• OHS Regulations,
• The country´s constitution,
• ILO (International Labor Organization) Principles,
framework is controlled. The preparation process for WRAP audits can take approximately 2 to 4 months, depending on the company´s situation. The preparation process of the companies varies depending on the performance of the company personnel, the size of the company and the laws it is bound by.

WRAP Consulting and Certification

Certification activity within the scope of Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is referred to as WRAP Certification or WRAP Certification. Companies requesting to obtain this document must pass the necessary inspections and complete any non-compliances/deficiencies, if any.

WRAP Consulting; It is a consultancy service provided within the scope of WRAP-related audits. The purpose of this consultancy service; It can be explained as providing the necessary training or information services to the organizations that will be under WRAP inspection, providing the necessary documentation assistance and informing the personnel and employees about this issue. The said consultancy service can be provided by private firms. Within the scope of consultancy service related to WRAP;

• Preparing both the personnel and the managers for the questions that may come within the scope of the audits by creating a question list,
• Creation of necessary documentation,
• Other preparations for audits,
• Audit rehearsal,
services such as

Audit Process for Obtaining WRAP Certificate

Organizations to be audited under WRAP;

• Personnel records (such as attendance records, payrolls, monthly account statements),
• Occupational health and safety records (such as building layout plans, evacuation plan, business and working license, firefighter report, building permit and building occupancy permit, number of fire extinguishers and fire cabinets),
• Environmental records (such as workplace environmental permit, EIA out-of-scope report, environmental protection documents, waste declarations),
• Other records (such as customs compliance, security),
should pay attention to their records and keep these records meticulously.
Regardless of the sector, the organization that wants to obtain the WRAP certificate, before applying to obtain this certificate, is to see the benefit if he benefits from a consulting firm.

What Can Be Obtained with a WRAP Document

Elderly benefits from obtaining a WRAP Certificate;

• Training of personal morale motivation,
• Positive impact of productivity, employee engagement and quality,
• Opportunity to work with more business partners,
• The prestige of the organization in the public and in the market,
• In competition against its competitors,
• Establishing the organization´s employee-employer relations on a solid foundation,
• Employee circulation,
can be listed as